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Bearport Publishing believes that books with good writing and amazing photos are irresistible to kids.  With every book, they pay close attention to text length, vocabulary, and picture-text match.  To this end, they offer three distinct book lines: 
 - Primary Nonfiction: These books for beginning readers cover a range of interesting subjects at readability levels below 3rd grade. Many of the titles include interactive features, such as Q&A formats, games, and so on.  
- Narrative Nonfiction: Their narrative nonfiction titles are written at a 3rd-grade level.  The main text is limited to 100 words or less per two-page spread, leaving lots of space for big, bold pictures. 
  - High-Interest Nonfiction: Like their narrative books, these titles also are written at an intermediate level, and they focus on topics that most kids will find interesting.


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Abandoned Amusement Parks (14)
Item No. : BP593
ISBN: 978-1-61772-884-6
Series: Scary Places
There is something both sad and creepy about an abandoned amusement park. Perhaps it's because a place that was once packed with fun seekers has become slowly choked with weeds. Or maybe it's because ...See more
Market price: $26.60 save 25%
Abandoned!: Towns Without People Spring 2015 Set of 4 Books
Item No. : BPSET0030
Series: Abandoned!: Towns Without People Book Set
This set includes: Bodie: The Town that Belongs to Ghosts (15) , Cliff Dwellings: Empty Windows (15) , Roanoke Island: The Town that Vanished! (15) , Salton Sea Resort: Death in the Desert (15) Please ...See more
Market price: $114.00 save 30%
Abraham Lincoln: The 16th President (15)
Item No. : BP798
ISBN: 978-1-62724-554-8
Series: Little Bits: A First Look at America’s Presidents
In 1861, the Civil War began. People in the North and the South fought against each other. How did Abraham Lincoln rise to the challenge of leading the nation during this difficult time? Young readers ...See more
Market price: $25.64 save 30%
Adam Levine (19)
Item No. : BP1202
ISBN: 978-1-68402-680-7
Series: Amazing Americans: Pop Music Stars
Adam Levine is a powerful force in pop music. His road to musical success, however, began with a guitar when he was just a boy. In this introduction, young readers will learn all about Adam’s ...See more
Market price: $25.64 save 30%
Adrian Peterson (13)
Item No. : BP553
ISBN: 978-1-61772-718-4
Series: Football Stars Up Close
Running back Adrian Peterson knows what it’s like to be a champion. From his earliest days on the field, Adrian put in the extra effort to become a superstar player. As a rookie, Adrian rushed for 296 ...See more
Market price: $25.64 save 30%
African Wild Dogs (14)
Item No. : BP626
ISBN: 978-1-61772-932-4
Series: Wild Canine Pups
With their large, round ears, patchwork coat, and bone-crunching jaws, African wild dogs are some of the most distinctive animals roaming the African plains. And their pups are among the cutest of all ...See more
Market price: $22.84 save 30%
Air (15)
Item No. : BP862
ISBN: 978-1-62724-539-5
Series: Science Slam: FUN-damental Experiments
How do we know there is air all around us if we can’t see it? Is it possible for air to make something move? Does air have a smell or a taste? What kinds of things are in air? Can air be hot or cold? ...See more
Market price: $25.64 save 30%
Air-Sea Rescue Officers (16)
Item No. : BP917
ISBN: 978-1-943553-12-9
Series: Police: Search and Rescue!
The passengers and crew of US Airways Fight 1549 feared the worst—the plane they were on was about to crash. The captain steadied the plane and landed it in the Hudson River. The passengers and crew ...See more
Market price: $28.50 save 30%
Alien Landing Sites (18)
Item No. : BP1121
ISBN: 978-1-68402-268-7
Series: Tiptoe Into Scary Places
Boom! You race to investigate the terrible noise you just heard in the woods. What you find amazes you—a gigantic glowing green disc that’s crash-landed near your home! Suddenly, a door on the object ...See more
Market price: $27.07 save 30%
Aliens and Other Visitors (13)
Item No. : BP566
ISBN: 978-1-61772-723-8
Series: Not Near Normal: The Paranormal
Could life-forms from other parts of the universe really travel all the way to Earth? If alien sightings are just fictional stories, why have so many people provided such similar accounts of ...See more
Market price: $28.50 save 30%
All About Families (18)
Item No. : BP1108
ISBN: 978-1-911341-81-9
Series: First Words and Pictures
Specially created to support early years teaching, this beautiful new words and pictures book is perfect for children learning to read. As young readers turn the pages, they will have lots of ...See more
Market price: $28.50 save 30%
Amazing Americans: Country Music Stars Fall 2018 Set of 4 Books
Item No. : BPSET0103
Series: Amazing Americans: Country Music Stars Book Set
This Set Includes: Blake Shelton (19) , Carrie Underwood (19) , Luke Bryan (19) , Miranda Lambert (19) . ...See more
Market price: $105.43 save 30%