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Our Character Education section contains  fictional books telling the stories of children coping with various social pressures. These stories help children communicate and interact with their peers and adults. They are a perfect tool for encouraging positive behavior both in and out of the classroom.


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15 Things Not to do with a Puppy (18)
Item No. : 1380
ISBN: 978-1-78603-047-4
Series: 15 Things Not to Do
"Book Reviews:

'A lovely little book this, perfect for poochy pals everywhere'
- Read it Daddy

""The children and puppy are all adorable and full of joy, and the ...See more
A Child's Book of Prayers (85)
Item No. : 26526
ISBN: 978-0-312-64576-2
Series: Singles and Picture Books
LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Hurry While Supplies Last - - A Child's Book of Prayers is a collection of the most beloved and ...See more
A Friend Like You (16)
Item No. : 1239
ISBN: 978-1-68010-031-0
Series: Singles and Picture Books
Squirrel and Bird are very different. One likes nuts, and the other likes worms. But both of them are happy to try something new. And together, they make the very best of friends. A beautiful tale of ...See more
A Kitten Tale (08)
Item No. : 28481
ISBN: 978-0-307-97774-8
Series: Singles and Picture Books
LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Hurry While Supplies Last - - Four Kittens have never seen the snow. The first three kittens are ...See more
Market price: $25.26 save 64%
A Little Princess: A BabyLit Friendship Primer (17)
Item No. : BB219400
ISBN: 9781423645955
Series: BabyLit
Brainy Babies will meet the friends that Sara has in her story, from her father to Mr. Carrisford. With clever, simple text by Jennifer Adams, paired with stylish design and adorable illustrations by ...See more
A New Friend (13) Level 1
Item No. : 22697
ISBN: 978-0-448-46180-9
Series: Penguin Young Readers: Level 1
LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Hurry While Supplies Last - - Meet two unlikely—and adorable—friends! Dogs and cats aren’t ...See more
Market price: $19.93 save 70%
A Teacher's Promise (16)
Item No. : 1243
ISBN: 978-1-60554-471-1
Series: Singles and Picture Books
In every classroom, there is a person who cares about the way children learn, grow, and feel—the teacher! The affirming verses and fanciful illustrations in A Teacher's Promise express what all ...See more
A Tiger Tail (16)
Item No. : 1199
ISBN: 978-1-4814-4885-7
Series: Singles and Picture Books
From the creative mind of rising star Mike Boldt comes a hilarious and original tale about overcoming back-to-school jitters, making new friends, and taking things in stride. Anya wakes up to ...See more
A Turkey for Thanksgiving | I Am a Good Friend Paired Set (17)
Item No. : GS5827
ISBN: 978-1-4824-5358-4
Series: LitLinks Paired Set
This paired set, along with a comprehensive learning guide, inspires student inquiry and invites critical thinking with paired fiction and nonfiction texts. ...See more
Market price: $53.27 save 25%
A Visit to the Farm (18)
Item No. : RR10694
ISBN: 978-1-5383-2176-8
Series: Farmyard Tales
In this imaginative narrative, which is based on the HABA game Eeny, Meeny, Moo, readers are invited along on a class trip to a farm. A group of students explores the farmyard with their teacher and ...See more
Market price: $23.60 save 25%
Abby Visits the Big City: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse Remixed (17)
Item No. : 81059
ISBN: 978-1-60753-952-0
Series: Aesop's Fables Remixed
DRA Level: 18 . In this modern-day re-telling of Aesop’s fable ‘The City Mouse and the Country Mouse,’ Liz turns up her nose at farm cooking while Abby learns she prefers the peace of the farm to the ...See more
Market price: $29.95 save 30%
ABC Ready for School (18)
Item No. : 1379
ISBN: 978-1-63198-174-6
Series: Singles and Picture Books
"C is for cooperate. G is for grow. P is for play! This friendly and reassuring alphabet book helps young children (and those who care for them) consider, explore, and discuss a wide range of skills ...See more