Warehouse SALE Hippos Can't Swim and Other Fun Facts (14)

Hippos Can't Swim and Other Fun Facts (14)

Hippos Can't Swim and Other Fun Facts (14)
Item No. 25035
ISBN-13 978-1-4424-9324-7
Format Book Farm Bound
Subject Nonfiction Science Life Science Animals Scientific Inquiry
# of Pages 32
Size 11" x 8 1/2"
Author DiSiena & Eliot
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Series Did You Know?
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Date Published 2014
Reviews / Awards Noted YES
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LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Hurry While Supplies Last - - Book Reviews: This title is jam-packed with similarly awesome animal facts, from the very obvious to the obscure. The authors skillfully execute transitions between each animal section to help beginning readers contextualize and categorize new information. After discussing a kangaroo’s ability to hop, for example, the following section begins, a rabbit is another animal that hops. Likewise, the use of interrogative language, bold diction, and bright, comical illustrations will keep readers engaged. Direct addresses to the young audience (Did you know? Can you do that?), keeps kids involved and asking questions. In the end, the book comes full circle: Unlike hippos . . . blue whales sure can swim! An entertaining read for both browsing and curricular tie-ins, this closes with a page of more fun facts that may encourage further investigation." ~ Booklist. Did you know that hippos can’t swim? This hilarious book is full of fun facts about all sorts of animals, from sleepy ants to jellyfish that glow! Did you know that a zebra’s stripes are as unique as a human’s fingerprints? How about that ants take about 250 naps per day? Or that some jellyfish can glow—and that’s called bioluminescence? Colorful, humorous illustrations accompany tons of cool facts about animals of all shapes, sizes, speeds, and species in this lively book that makes nonfiction fun!