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U.S. Special Forces: Ghosts of the Night (17)
Item No. : SA1562
ISBN: 978-1-4965-3475-0
Series: U.S. Special Ops
Readers can safely tag along on a dangerous mission with U.S. special ops in Afghanistan. They'll learn what it takes to be a member of special ops today, how members work as teams, and how special ...See more
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Waiting for the Owl's Call (10)
Item No. : 71010
ISBN: 978-1-58536-418-3
Series: Tales of the World
Eight-year-old Zulviya, her sister and her cousin, her mother and her grandmother... they all belong to the loom. For generations the women of Zulviya's family have earned their living by weaving rugs ...See more
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Wangari's Trees of Peace (08)
Item No. : 20541
ISBN: 978-1-328-86921-0
Series: Wangari's Stories
Book Reviews: "The tightly focused text moves quickly without sacrificing impact . . . Winter’s images appear in framed, same-size squares on each page, creating a flat, frieze-like effect that pays ...See more
Market price: $26.60 save 25%
We March (16)
Item No. : 26545
ISBN: 978-1-2500-7325-9
Series: Singles and Picture Books
Book Reviews & Awards: CCBC Choice (Univ. of WI), Maine Cream of the Crop Master List, Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year, Charlotte Zolotow Award / Highly Commended, Capitol Choices ...See more
Market price: $26.60 save 44%
Welcome to America, Champ (13)
Item No. : 71011
ISBN: 978-1-58536-606-4
Series: Tales of the World
During World War II thousands of American servicemen were stationed overseas in various countries. It is in England that American GI Jack Ricker meets and marries an English widow with a nine-year-old ...See more
Market price: $25.64 save 30%
When Bill Gates Memorized an Encyclopedia (19)
Item No. : 66390
ISBN: 978-1-5158-3040-5
Series: Leaders Doing Headstands
Bill Gates is known as the richest man in the world. But do you know what he was like as a child? From selling peanuts to memorizing entire encyclopedias, Bill used his brain.This playful story of his ...See more
Market price: $28.65 save 25%
When Ruth Bader Ginsburg Chewed 100 Sticks of Gum (19)
Item No. : 66391
ISBN: 978-1-5158-3039-9
Series: Leaders Doing Headstands
Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the second woman justice to serve on the Supreme Court. But do you know what she was like as a child? Strong role models and encouragement to be herself led Ruth to speak her ...See more
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White Water | Little Rock Nine and The Fight for Equal Education Paired Set (17)
Item No. : GS5863
ISBN: 978-1-4824-5362-1
Series: LitLinks Paired Set
This paired set, along with a comprehensive learning guide, inspires student inquiry and invites critical thinking with paired fiction and nonfiction texts. ...See more
Market price: $53.27 save 25%
Write On, Irving Berlin! (18)
Item No. : 72376
ISBN: 978-1-58536-380-3
Series: Singles and Picture Books
Escaping persecution for being Jewish, the Baline family fled Russia and arrived by ship in New York City harbor in September 1893. Little Israel Isidore Baline is only five years old. After arriving ...See more
Yankee Mouse: Gettysburg Address Observer Book 2 (14)
Item No. : A05553
ISBN: 978-1-61641-958-5
Series: Maximilian P. Mouse, Time Traveler
Experience historic events through the eyes of Maximilian P. Mouse, Time Traveler! Maximilian P. Mouse has had his first adventure in history, but now he needs to get back to his family. He tries for ...See more
Market price: $27.07 save 30%
Yatandou (08)
Item No. : 71012
ISBN: 978-1-58536-211-0
Series: Tales of the World
Yatandou lives in a Mali village with her family and neighbors. And though she is only eight years old and would much rather play with her pet goat, she must sit with the women and pound millet ...See more
Market price: $25.64 save 30%
Yellowstone Kidnapping That Wasn't, The (13)
Item No. : SA0902
ISBN: 978-1-4342-3789-7
Series: Field Trip Mysteries
Four fun kids find themselves in the middle of a mystery on every school field trip they take! Visual and verbal clues are sprinkled throughout the story to help the reader solve the mystery before ...See more
Market price: $23.99 save 25%