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Return of the Djinn (16) #15
Item No. : 29477
ISBN: 978-0-545-92553-2
Series: LEGO Ninjago Readers
It's a peaceful time on Ninjago Island. The ninja have defeated the Preeminent and destroyed the Cursed Realm. Now Cole, Jay, Kai, Zane, Lloyd, and Nya are famous throughout the land, and they're ...See more
Market price: $19.93 save 25%
Tales of the Rebellion (16) #3
Item No. : 29060
ISBN: 978-0-545-87326-0
Series: LEGO Star Wars Beginning Chapter Books
This humorous and action-packed book features all of your favorite heroes and villains in three all-new original stories! ...See more
Market price: $21.27 save 25%
Tournament of Elements (15) #1
Item No. : 18374
ISBN: 978-0-316-26608-6
Series: LEGO Ninjago Graphic Novels
On Master Chen's island, nothing is as it seems, and no one is to be trusted. But if the Ninja want to find Zane, they must enter the Tournament of Elements. Join Lloyd, Kai, Cole, and Jay as they ...See more
Market price: $26.60 save 25%
Warrior Within, The (14) #4
Item No. : 29445
ISBN: 978-0-545-62787-0
Series: LEGO Legends of Chima Beginning Chapter Books
A full-color chapter book based on the newest LEGO(R) theme, Legends of Chima(TM)! In the beautiful land of Chima, noble Lions battle evil Crocodiles for control of a powerful energy source called ...See more
Market price: $21.27 save 25%