5.) Libraries Rock!

5.) Libraries Rock!

Libraries Rock!

Make Your Library Rock!

Unfortunately, we're not quite ready yet, but you can still see our progress below

Inspire some kindess and make a Kindness Rock Garden! photo: Chatham Central School District

To learn more about the Kindness Rock Project -click here!

Create a Rock Star toilet paper roll doll:
photo: CooCoolo.com

What You Need: toilet paper roll fruit net bag drinking straws glitter wrapping paper black paper thick white paper paint tape black marker
Paint the paper roll the color you like, let it dry.
Wrap it in glitter wrapping paper, cut out a piece of black paper and glue it on the wrapping paper.
Cut the drinking straws in thirds. Glue them on a long piece of tape and roll them together. Make the straw roll just a little smaller than the inside of the toilet roll.
Cut the rest of your drinking straws in half. Cut them almost through, along the straw and fix them on top of the paper roll. Do this all around, but leave some space where the face will be.
Then put your drinking straw roll in the toilet roll and let the straws stick out on top of the roll. Now your paper roll got some descent Rock ‘n Roll hair!
To make it complete cut out a long piece of a fruit net bag and wrap it around the hair. Give it a face with a black marker and draw a black line above the wrapping paper.
Draw a guitar on thick paper, cut it out and paint it the color you like. Tape it on your toilet roll figure and it is ready to Rock and Roll!

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The ALSC Blog says:

1. Got ukes? How about a ukulele club? Learning to play a few chords on ukulele is super easy – anyone can learn. Nail C-F-G chords and you’d be floored how many songs you can play with ease. We’ve been teaching all summer long and the kids are lovin’ it. This summer would be a great opportunity for you to start up your own club. We searched around and found starter kits, complete with ukulele, bag, picks, tuner and extra strings for only $34 on sale on Amazon.

2. Teens will truly go for this. The Oscilab Groovebox is a free app for Android and iPad at the Google Play Store.

3. Download the How "Music Powers STEAM Education and the Brain" presentation --click here!

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