Nonfiction Books 1,000-Year-Old Sponges! (19)

1,000-Year-Old Sponges! (19)

1,000-Year-Old Sponges! (19)
Item No. GS6682
ISBN-13 978-1-5382-1697-2
Format Library Binding
Subject Nonfiction Science Life Science Marine Life Ocean Life Longest-Living Sponges
# of Pages 24
Size 7" x 7"
Author Kelly, Joni
Reading Interest 1,2,3
Series World's Longest-Living Animals: Set 2
Publisher Gareth Stevens
Date Published 2019
Dewey Decimal 593.4--dc23
Guided Reading Level I
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Many people don't know that sea sponges can live for many, many centuries. We often forget that sponges are even animals, but they are. This colorful and vibrant volume introduces young readers to the wild, wacky world of sponge life. Accessible text abounds with fascinating facts sure to surprise and inspire budding scientists. Children will be introduced to key concepts such as ecosystems, life cycles, environmentalism, and climate change, accompanied by stunning photographs of these strange creatures in their mysterious habitat. These essential, curriculum-focused science themes are written in an age-appropriate and exciting way.