Nonfiction Books 12 Things to Know about the Iron Age (20)

12 Things to Know about the Iron Age (20)

12 Things to Know about the Iron Age (20)
Item No. 81832
ISBN-13 978-1-63235-7687
Format Library Binding
Subject Nonfiction Social Studies History Prehistoric Iron Age
# of Pages 32
Size 7" x 9"
Author Marquardt, Meg
Reading Interest 3,4,5,6
Series Prehistoric
Publisher Bookstaves: 12-Story Library
Date Published 2020
Dewey Decimal 930
Guided Reading Level T
CCCSS : Grade RI 4.1, 2, 3, 7; RI 5.1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8
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The Prehistoric series is about early humans, the world they lived in, and the lives they led. The five titles span the Paleolithic Era (the Old Stone Age) through the Iron Age; from c 3.3 million years ago to c. 1000 years ago. Readers will learn how each era or age is defined, how we learned about each, the geographic locations of humans then, the animals that existed, tools that were used, how humans lived and the challenges of everyday life, culture, art, religion, and more. Includes a timeline of major events specific to each era.