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  • Scooby-Doo! and the Cliff Dwellings of Mesa Verde: The Ghostly Gaze (18)
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    Scooby-Doo! and the Cliff Dwellings of Mesa Verde: The Ghostly Gaze (18)

    A ghostly face is appearing in the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde. It has the visitors spooked! It's up to Scooby and Mystery Inc. to solve the case. Readers join the gang as they explore the cliff dwellings, learn about the ancient Anasazi who called these dwellings home, and use the clues to solve the mystery.
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  • Historic Places (24)
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    Historic Places (24)

    Walk in the footsteps of founders on this adventure through history. This title introduces readers to the ancient Indigenous homes of Mesa Verde and the forts, battlefields, and halls that shaped our nation today. Part of our 21st Century Skills Library, this series introduces concepts of natural sciences and social studies centered around a sense of adventure.
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  • Los superchivitos Gruff: Una novela gráfica (21)
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    Los superchivitos Gruff: Una novela gráfica (21)

    Tres chivitos de apellido Gruff van hacia una colina en busca de hierba fresca y de pronto, ¡quedan atrapados en un videojuego! Lo bueno es que los tres hermanos ¡se convierten en SUPERchivitos! El primero se convierte en guerrero, el segundo en ninja y el tercero en mago. Lo malo es que donde estaba la colina de verdes pastos, ahora se levanta el castillo Hillside, una peligrosa mazmorra llena de espeluznantes y extran~os enemigos. ¿Podra´n los chivitos atravesar el castillo y llegar a la colina o conseguira´ el malvado Jefe Ma´ximo convertirlos en su almuerzo?

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  • Sallie Bee Writes a Thank-You Note (22)

    When a surprise comes in the mail from Grandma, Sallie wants to text her right away: Thanks, Grandma!

    But wait—how will Grandma know what Sallie is thanking her for and how it makes her feel? And every proper thank-you needs some swirlies, right? This calls for something special: a handwritten note.

    The next day, Sallie hopes to get another package so she can write a second note. Nothing comes. But . . . she does get safely across the street on the way to school. Maybe that deserves a thank you!

    Dear Crossing Guard . . .

    With each new day, Sallie discovers more and more reasons to feel grateful. A warm and witty story about appreciating others, Sallie BeeWrites a Thank-You Note celebrates the simple kindness of saying “thank you.”

    The book also includes tips on how to write the perfect thank-you note!

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