Nonfiction Books A Look at US History: Set 2 Fall 2018 Set of 6 Books

A Look at US History: Set 2 Fall 2018 Set of 6 Books

A Look at US History: Set 2 Fall 2018 Set of 6 Books
Item No. GSSET0278
Subject Nonfiction Social Studies US History
Format Library Binding
# of Pages 32
Size 6 1/2" x 9 1/4"
Author Lynch, Seth
Reading Interest 2,3,4,5,6
Series A Look at US History: Set 2 Book Set
Publisher Gareth Stevens
Date Published 2019
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This Set Includes: Bill of Rights, The (19) , Emancipation Proclamation, The (19) , French and Indian War, The (19) , Industrial Revolution, The (19) , Louisiana Purchase, The (19) , Women's Suffrage (19) . In a continuation of the excellent first set, this series adds overviews of several more important topics found in the social studies curriculum. Each is covered in accessible language for struggling readers without skimping on the details needed to fully understand each time period, event, or document, including the French and Indian War, women's suffrage, and the Bill of Rights. The most significant names, dates, battles, and documents are seamlessly woven into the main text of each book, giving readers an introduction or to review of subject matter sure to be on their classroom and state tests. Features include: An extended glossary provides more chances to learn vocabulary germane to U.S. history topics. Easy-to-read text breaks down historical events and time periods into the most essential knowledge. Supports students' understanding of cause and effect by describing reasons events occurred and their long-term results.