A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place
Item No. CD001
ISBN-13 CD001
Subject Music Songs
Format Compact Disk
Author Rayburn, Rick
Reading Interest PreK-Adult


"I've wanted to do a CD like this for a long time. Simple guitar songs for grownups and kids...each one lone enough to grab onto a musical idea and short enough not to get too boring. For relaxing time...or anytime!" ~ Rick Rayburn

Songs include:
Firefly, Giant Footsteps, Ripples, A Quiet Place, Bubbles, Bluebird, That Just Don't Bother Me, Lullaby, Samdango, Slowpoke, Sun Goin'Down, Irish Dreamer, Jacob's Ladder, Prince's Waltz, Upt To Bed, Walkin', Peanut Butter Cup.