Nonfiction Books A Tiny Beak and Spiky Feathers (Cockatiel) (16)

A Tiny Beak and Spiky Feathers (Cockatiel) (16)

A Tiny Beak and Spiky Feathers (Cockatiel) (16)
Item No. BP913
ISBN-10 / Release Date 1-910549-24-X
ISBN-13 978-1-910549-24-7
Subject Nonfiction Science Life Science Animals Riddles Scientific Inquiry Babies Cockatiel
Format Reinforced Library Binding
# of Pages 24
Size 8" x 10"
Author Lawrence, Ellen
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Series Whose Little Baby Are You?
Publisher Bearport Publishing: Ruby Tuesday Books
Date Published 2016
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Cozy in his nest, a tiny chick waits for his parents to arrive with food. With his tiny pink beak and sparse, spiky feathers, who does this adorable little baby belong to? With stunning photographs and simple text that’s perfect for emergent readers, Whose Little Baby Are You? is a delightful introduction to animals and their life cycles. The little creature huddled alongside his brothers and sisters is a cockatiel chick, and one day he will be a sleek, colorful, super-fast flyer—just like his mom and dad! As readers turn the pages, they will discover the ways in which a cockatiel chick is similar to and different from its parents. They will learn how the parent birds care for the chick, and see how the little bird grows, changes, and gets ready for his adult life as a member of a 1,000–strong flock of wild cockatiels.