Nonfiction Books A Visual Exploration of Science: Set 3 Fall 2018 Set of 5 Books

A Visual Exploration of Science: Set 3 Fall 2018 Set of 5 Books

A Visual Exploration of Science: Set 3 Fall 2018 Set of 5 Books
Item No. RRSET0779
Subject Nonfiction Science Visual Exploration Life Science
Format Library Binding
# of Pages 104
Size 8 1/2" x 11"
Author Sol90 Editorial Staff
Reading Interest 7,8,9,10,11,12
Series A Visual Exploration of Science: Set 3 Book Set
Publisher Rosen: Rosen Young Adult
Date Published 2019
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This Set Includes: A Visual Guide to Birds (19) , A Visual Guide to Fish and Amphibians (19) , A Visual Guide to Invertebrates (19) , A Visual Guide to Plants, Algae, and Fungi (19) , A Visual Guide to Reptiles and Dinosaurs (19) . The visually stunning guides in this series offer students an engaging, detailed look at life on Earth in all its diversity. In a simple, attractive way, students learn about various organisms, including plants, fungi, algae, and animals, both living and extinct. Each topic is treated with scientific rigor yet through engaging text and a highly attractive design that are accessible to students at all levels. Furthermore, each spread incorporates visual learning aids, including illustrations, photographs, maps, and explanatory insets. This wealth of images and graphic resources makes each volume extraordinarily inviting and enriching. Features include: Covers content included in the Next Generation Science Standards, including understandings of organisms and their processes, biological evolution, and biological diversity on Earth. Attractive design includes maps, diagrams, charts, and 3D-like illustrations. Incorporates biographies of prominent scientists for a multidisciplinary approach to STEM. Expert reviewed by a team made up of biologists, naturalists, geologists, astronomers, doctors, and geneticists.