Nonfiction Books A Visual Guide to Birds (19)

A Visual Guide to Birds (19)

A Visual Guide to Birds (19)
Item No. RR11813
ISBN-13 978-1-5081-8231-3
Format Library Binding
Subject Nonfiction Science Visual Exploration Life Science Animals Birds
# of Pages 104
Size 8 1/2" x 11"
Author Sol90 Editorial Staff
Reading Interest 7,8,9,10,11,12
Series A Visual Exploration of Science: Set 3
Publisher Rosen: Rosen Young Adult
Date Published 2019
Dewey Decimal 581.4'67--dc23
Guided Reading Level Z
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From beaks and flying styles to nests and dances, readers of this vibrant book will learn about the basic characteristics and fascinating variations of different bird species. They will become familiar with how different birds are born and develop, how birds migrate in different parts of the world, and how birds develop different strategies for defense against predators. In addition to the scientifically accurate and informative text, captivating visuals will introduce readers to the hoatzin of the Amazon, the grey crowned crane of eastern and southern Africa, the tawny frogmouth of Australia, and more. Readers will also connect to more common birds, learn about bird domestication, and realize the dangers that endangered species of birds face.