Nonfiction Books A Visual Guide to Space Exploration (18)

A Visual Guide to Space Exploration (18)

A Visual Guide to Space Exploration (18)
Item No. RR10888
ISBN-13 978-1-5081-7583-4
Format Library Binding
Subject Nonfiction Science Visual Guides Space Exploration
# of Pages 96
Size 8 1/2" x 11"
Author Pamplona, Alberto Hernández
Reading Interest 7,8,9,19,11,12
Series A Visual Exploration of Science
Publisher Rosen: Rosen Young Adult
Date Published 2018
Dewey Decimal 577--dc23
Guided Reading Level Z
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Few frontiers have inspired human imagination as much as the final frontier: outer space. What seemed impossible a mere hundred years ago has now been accomplished, as humans have sent astronauts into orbit and onto the moon, and rovers and satellites continue to travel farther out, beaming invaluable data about our universe back to Earth. This illustration-packed title covers the most outstanding events since humans landed on the moon. Missions to the different planets are presented, as are images and details of space stations, satellites, and Mars rovers. Even reluctant readers wonメt be able to stay away from this visual delight.