Fiction Books Aeneid, The: A Graphic Novel (18)

Aeneid, The: A Graphic Novel (18)

Aeneid, The: A Graphic Novel (18)
Item No. SA1731
ISBN-10 / Release Date 1-4965-6113-9
ISBN-13 978-1-4965-6113-8
Subject Fiction Graphically Illustrated Classic Fiction
Format Hardcover
# of Pages 80
Size 6" x 9"
Author Agrimbau, Diego
Reading Interest 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Series Classic Fiction
Publisher Stone Arch Books: Graphic Revolve
Date Published 2018
Word Count 2,500
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Virgil’s classic tale of a hero’s mythical journey comes to life in this graphic retelling for kids. From the smoldering ruins of Troy, the warrior Aeneas sets out to find a new homeland for his people. But it’s no easy task, for his adventure is filled with great sacrifice, angry gods, tragic love, and brutal battles. Will Aeneas be able to fulfill his destiny and found the mighty city of Rome? With extra background on the original Latin epic poem and its author, plus discussion questions and writing prompts, it’s easy to introduce young readers to this literary classic.