Nonfiction Books Alien Encounters Spring 2018 Set of 4 Books

Alien Encounters Spring 2018 Set of 4 Books

Alien Encounters Spring 2018 Set of 4 Books
Item No. RRSET0710
ISBN-13 978-1-5081-7780-7
Format Library Binding
Subject Nonfiction Legends Myths Paranormal Alien Encounters
# of Pages 200
Size 6" x 9"
Author Fowler, Carey, Salas, ET. Al
Reading Interest 7,8,9,10,11,12
Series Alien Encounters Book Set
Publisher Rosen: Rosen Young Adult
Date Published 2018
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This Set Includes: A Close Encounter: The Alien Abduction of Betty Andreasson (18) , Confessions of the Children of Roswell: Preserving the Story of America's Most Infamous UFO Incident (18) , Inside the UFO Archives (18) , UFO Cover-Up: What World Governments Don't Want You to Know, The (18) . They say "the truth is out there," and this series attempts to locate the truth that resides at the heart of the shadowy world of alien contact, abductions, and official cover-ups. Relying upon access to top secret and declassified archives, eyewitness accounts, and the personal stories of children of eyewitnesses to the Roswell incident, these examinations seek to sort the fact from fiction, the sober truths from the group hysteria, the actual events from the official, government-sanctioned accounts. Readers will enter this dark labyrinth of secrets, lies, and government interference and experience the thrills, chills, and very close encounters with the truth that is way out there. Features include: Perennial high-interest subject engages even the most reluctant readers. Engages Common Core Standards by offering opportunities to weigh and evaluate evidence, analyze multiple viewpoints, and sift fact from fiction and opinion. In tune with the times: Interest in conspiracy theories is at an all-time high, as is entertainment related to alien activity and government cover-ups, including the X-Files reboot and the wildly popular Stranger Things.