Nonfiction Books Be a Virus Warrior! A Kid's Guide to Keeping Safe (21)

Be a Virus Warrior! A Kid's Guide to Keeping Safe (21)

Be a Virus Warrior! A Kid's Guide to Keeping Safe (21)
Item No. RR12974
ISBN-13 978-1-7253-3064-1
Format Library Binding
Subject Nonfiction Life Science Health Wellness COVID-19 Coronavirus Virus Warrior Survival Safety
# of Pages 24
Size 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Author Macgregor, Eloise
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Publisher Rosen: PowerKids Press
Date Published 2021
Dewey Decimal 579.2--dc23
Guided Reading Level M
Reviews / Awards Noted YES
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COVID-19 helps young children understand the nature of the coronavirus and viruses in general. The book sets a friendly tone with its cartoonlike illustrations and approachable writing. For instance, a drawing of a prickly, purple sphere comes with the note that “Viruses look like this, but a GAZILLION times smaller!” COVID-19 is then placed within the context of other viruses kids will be familiar with—colds, flu, chicken pox—and the text clearly explains common ways viruses are spread. Next comes a section on how COVID-19 can make you feel and how to protect yourself against it. Using tissues, wearing a mask, cleaning surfaces that people frequently touch, and washing your hands (illustrated chart included!) are all tips given and explained in child-friendly language. The disruption of routines and rationale behind social distancing are also addressed, thus helping kids understand the how and why behind the coronavirus. A practical, comforting guide for youngsters—highly recommended.
— Julia Smith, Booklist

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world, it's left many adults and children searching for answers about how they can stay safe. By focusing on facts presented in a relatable way rather than fear, this illustrated guide to health and safety gives children the tools they need to understand what's happening in the world and to discover how they can become a virus warrior. Facts about coronaviruses are paired with essential information about social distancing, personal hygiene, and the things we can control in uncertain times, creating a learning experience designed to reduce anxiety. From Dr. Neil Winawer, Hospitalist and Professor of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine: My son Matthew and I read Be a Virus Warrior! A Kid's Guide to Keeping Safe together. In a time when children and parents are looking for information about COVID-19, in a time of uncertainty, we found this book to be medically accurate, useful, and a good read.