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Bearport Publishing
Bearport Publishing believes that books with good writing and amazing photos are irresistible to kids.  With every book, they pay close attention to text length, vocabulary, and picture-text match.  To this end, they offer three distinct book lines: 
 - Primary Nonfiction: These books for beginning readers cover a range of interesting subjects at readability levels below 3rd grade. Many of the titles include interactive features, such as Q&A formats, games, and so on.  
- Narrative Nonfiction: Their narrative nonfiction titles are written at a 3rd-grade level.  The main text is limited to 100 words or less per two-page spread, leaving lots of space for big, bold pictures. 
  - High-Interest Nonfiction: Like their narrative books, these titles also are written at an intermediate level, and they focus on topics that most kids will find interesting.


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