Nonfiction Books Becoming an Astronaut (19)

Becoming an Astronaut (19)

Becoming an Astronaut (19)
Item No. BP1325
ISBN-13 978-1-64280-174-3
Subject Nonfiction Early Reader Earth Space Science Careers Jobs Astronaut
Format Reinforced Library
# of Pages 24
Size 10" x 8"
Author Lawrence, Ellen
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Series Science Slam: Space-ology
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Date Published 2019
Market price: $26.99, Save $8.04
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What skills do you need to become an astronaut? Why do astronaut trainees spend time underwater and in dark caves? And how does it feel to experience zero gravity? In this new Science Slam! title, kids will discover what it takes to become an astronaut. Each book is expertly crafted to meet early elementary and science curriculum standards, as well as introduce young space enthusiasts to the latest space technology. Innovative, grade-appropriate activities and experiments, critical-thinking questions, and fascinating fact boxes will give kids a chance to think like an astronaut.