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Barbie Sisters Mystery Club: Secret Sea Monster, The (16) #3
Item No. : 28437
ISBN: 978-1-101-93844-7
Series: Barbie Sisters Mystery Club Chapter Books
Is there a secret sea monster in Malibu? Children ages 6 to 9 will love reading about Barbie and her sisters as they solve mysteries in this third installment of the Barbie: Sisters Mystery Club ...See more
Market price: $22.60 save 25%
Basil the Bear Cub (16)
Item No. : 66154
ISBN: 978-1-4795-8641-7
Series: Superfairies
No, Basil, don’t play near the river on your own! Superfairies Rose, Silk, Berry and Star rush to help a bear cub in danger. ...See more
Market price: $23.99 save 25%
Basketball Breakdown (17)
Item No. : SA1505
ISBN: 978-1-4965-3166-7
Series: Jake Maddox JV Girls
One minute eighth-grader Shaena is rushing to grab a rebound, and the next she’s lying on the basketball court, dizzy with a horrible pain in her head. A collision with an opponent has left Shaena ...See more
Market price: $25.99 save 25%
Batman Battles Mr. Freeze (17)
Item No. : 25241
ISBN: 978-1-4814-9178-5
Series: Batman Early Chapter Books
Team up with Batman, Robin, and more of your favorite heroes as they battle Mr. Freeze and the Penguin in this action-packed chapter book retelling of the Batman animated film, Mechs vs. Mutants that ...See more
Market price: $23.93 save 25%
Battle of the Boss-Monster (18) #13
Item No. : 29349
ISBN: 978-1-338-03456-1
Series: Branches Early Chapter Books: Notebook of Doom, The
Pick a book. Grow a Reader!

This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line, Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, ...See more
Market price: $21.27 save 25%
Battle of the Bots, The (15)
Item No. : A06098
ISBN: 978-1-62402-037-7
Series: Kid Squad Saves the World
Under orders of the US president, Colonel Bragg hires two companies to build the world’s first robotic armies. The two armies fight in a mock battle to determine which company gets the contract. ...See more
Market price: $27.07 save 30%
Beach Trip, The (17)
Item No. : 66206
ISBN: 978-1-4795-8719-3
Series: Sofia Martinez
Sofia and her family are headed to the beach for the weekend, and Sofia is packed and ready to go. But once they get to the beach house, it's obvious that Sofia did not pack basic beach gear. Will her ...See more
Market price: $21.32 save 25%
Beast Beneath the Stairs: 10th Anniversary Edition, The (18)
Item No. : SA1698
ISBN: 978-1-4965-5530-4
Series: Library of Doom
The Librarian of Doom keeps the world most dangerous books. After a long journey, he returns home to discover his collection of deadly books have been stolen. If he fails to find them, the world will ...See more
Market price: $23.99 save 25%
Beauty and the Basement (15)
Item No. : SA1218
ISBN: 978-1-4342-9145-5
Series: Twicetold Tales
A young man confined to his basement, a broken-down car, and surveillance video footage aren't normal elements in a fairy tale. But in this 21st-century retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Carlo Mostro ...See more
Market price: $24.65 save 25%
Best Friends Forever? (17)
Item No. : 66166
ISBN: 978-1-4795-9191-6
Series: Ashley Small and Ashlee Tall
Opposites go together. Just ask Ashley Sanchez (Ash) and Ashlee Taylor (Lee), who have been best friends forever. Ash is messy as can be, and Lee likes things neat and tidy. Ash loves sports and Lee ...See more
Market price: $20.65 save 25%
Betty the Bearded Dragon (20)
Item No. : 66460
ISBN: 978-1-5158-4476-1
Series: My Furry Foster Family
Please Note: This title is not yet printed, but available for presale. This title will be in stock August 2019. Eight-year-old Kaita Takano and her family are old pros at fostering rescued dogs and ...See more
Market price: $23.32 save 25%
Beware of the Wolves (13) #2
Item No. : 29546
ISBN: 978-0-545-51650-1
Series: LEGO Legends of Chima Beginning Chapter Books
LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Hurry While Supplies Last - - A full-color chapter book based on the newest LEGO theme. The sneaky ...See more
Market price: $21.27 save 72%