Fiction Books Bigger Than You (18)

Bigger Than You (18)

Bigger Than You (18)
Item No. 1400
ISBN-13 978-0-06-268312-0
Format Hardcover
Subject Fiction Picture Books Dinosaurs Conflict Resolution Friends Nonfiction Tie-In
# of Pages 32
Size 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Author Kyung, Hyewon
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Series Singles and Picture Books
Publisher Harper Collins
Date Published 2018
Reviews / Awards Noted YES
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Book Reviews: “Kyung brings principles of simple machines effortlessly to the preschool level in this engaging tale of dinosaurs on a prehistoric playground...This successful mashup of fiction and science, in the style of Jason Chin’s Gravity, is a must-have for early childhood classrooms.”
- Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (starred review)
“Using brushwork that evokes traditional East Asian ink drawings, Kyung creates minimalloy detailed prehistoric scenes...A whimsical lesson in Mesozoic good manners, with an added treat for young STEM-winders.”
- Kirkus Reviews
“Dinosaurs, physical action, playful repetition, and things that grow bigger and bigger will grab the attention of even the wiggliest listeners.”
- Publishers Weekly

Playground antics have never been so much fun! Young dinosaurs play together on the playground until one dinosaur gets angry and tries to ruin the game for everyone.

This engaging tale is perfectly pitched for preschoolers and for fans of Byron Barton’s Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs and Jane Yolen’s How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

A group of young dinosaurs builds a seesaw and takes turns playing on it until the bossy, big, and TERRIBLE Tyrannosaurus interrupts their game in a fit of temper. All ends well, though, when Mom steps in and encourages a peaceful and a productive end to the conflict.

Hyewon Kyung’s detailed and humorous illustrations will capture the attention of dinosaur fans, and a dinosaur information chart and educational backmatter about simple machines make this perfect for classroom, family, and story-time sharing!

“I’m bigger than you!” announces the Iguanodon.

“I’m bigger than you!” argues the Triceratops.

“I’m MORE TERRIBLE than you!” yells the Tyrannosaurus.