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Alexander Graham Bell (17)
Item No. : A07570
ISBN: 978-1-68079-227-0
Series: Incredible Inventors
Inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell made communication around the world much easier. Historic photos and easy-to-read text take readers into the athletes life. Zoom in even deeper with ...See more
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Alexander Graham Bell and the Telephone (16)
Item No. : RR09459
ISBN: 978-1-5081-4625-4
Series: Inventions That Changed the World
Alexander Graham Bell revolutionized the way people communicate. Readers will enjoy this book about Bell’s life and his impact on the world. The text follows Bell’s early life and work, with an ...See more
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Alexander Graham Bell: Man Behind the Telephone, The (20)
Item No. : 481540
ISBN: 978-1-9771-0975-0
Series: Little Inventor
A world without telephones? Impossible for most young readers to imagine. Let them know they can thank inventor Alexander Graham Bell for every ringtone! Filled with facts and photos, Bell's story ...See more
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Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr (19)
Item No. : EN0689
ISBN: 978-0-7660-9812-1
Series: Joined by Fate: Intertwined Biographies
In 1804, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr fought the most famous duel in American history. Both men had served with great courage during the American Revolution. Afterward, each had become an ...See more
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Alexander Hamilton: America’s First Treasury Secretary (18)
Item No. : RR11002
ISBN: 978-1-6804-8809-8
Series: Britannica Beginner Bios: Set 4
Although Alexander Hamilton recently recaptured the spotlight as the subject of a hit Broadway show, his role as one of the first and foremost interpreters of the U.S. Constitution means that his ...See more
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Alexander Hamilton: Founding Father and Treasury Secretary (18)
Item No. : EN0406
ISBN: 978-0-7660-9047-7
Series: Junior Biographies
Though a renowned Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton's fame has recently received a boost from the hit musical Hamilton. He was chosen as the subject of that work because of his extraordinary ...See more
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Alexander Ovechkin (15)
Item No. : 478916
ISBN: 978-1-4914-2141-3
Series: Hockey Superstars
Alexander Ovechkin is a threat to score any time he takes the ice. He has scored hundreds of goals in his career and collected many awards—and he's not done yet. Readers will follow Ovechkin's story ...See more
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Alexander the Great: Macedonian King and Conqueror (18)
Item No. : RR10940
ISBN: 978-1-5081-7482-0
Series: Leaders of the Ancient World Set 2
The only time in which the known world was united under one empire was during the reign of Alexander the Great. This book tells of a triumphant life of war and carnage that was inspired by an ...See more
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (20)
Item No. : A10333
ISBN: 978-1-53211-995-8
Series: Checkerboard Biographies
This biography highlights the life and accomplishments of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Readers learn about Ocasio-Cortez's early life, her beginnings in politics volunteering for Barack Obama, Ted ...See more
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Alfred Nobel (19)
Item No. : 72324
ISBN: 978-1-53412-885-9
Series: My Early Library: My Itty-Bitty Bio
Alfred Nobel in The My Itty-Bitty Bio series is a biography for the earliest readers. This book examines the life of Alfred Nobel in a simple, age-appropriate way that will help children develop word ...See more
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Alfred Nobel (19)
Item No. : MC3121
ISBN: 978-1-4222-4026-7
Series: Scientists and their Discoveries
The Swedish chemist and businessman Alfred Nobel made important discoveries in explosives, including the invention of dynamite in 1867. His products made it easier for workers to blast rock, drill ...See more
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Alia Muhammad Baker: Saving a Library from War (16)
Item No. : CW1555
ISBN: 978-1-63407-471-1
Series: True Stories, Real People
Learn the amazing story of Alia Muhammad Baker, a librarian who preserved Iraq's history by saving thousands of books from being destroyed during the Iraq War. Additional features to aid comprehension ...See more
Market price: $28.50 save 30%