Nonfiction Books Building with Poop (18)

Building with Poop (18)

Building with Poop (18)
Item No. BP1115
ISBN-13 978-1-68402-247-2
Format Reinforced Library Binding
# of Pages 24
Size 10" x 8"
Author Lawrence, Ellen
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Series Scoop on Poop, The
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Date Published 2018
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How do African Himba people use cattle manure to build their homes? Why is a dung home healthier than one made from stone? And how are students in Indonesia turning cow patties into sustainable, eco-friendly bricks? When you think of a building material, brick, wood, or, concrete might come to mind. For many people, however, a handful of poop is the building material for constructing a home! This new Science Slam! title will engross readers—and gross them out! Filled with information perfectly suited to the abilities and interests of an early elementary audience, this colorful, fact-filled book gives readers a chance not only to learn, but also to develop their powers of observation and critical thinking. With fascinating photographs and surprising, high-interest facts about a material that we don’t usually read about, the book makes learning about excrement poop-sitively amazing!