Fiction Books Children of the Sun (Giant Edition) (Information Books) (97)

Children of the Sun (Giant Edition) (Information Books) (97)

Children of the Sun (Giant Edition) (Information Books) (97)
Item No. PB00063
ISBN-13 9780859539377
Format Big Book Paperback
Subject Fiction BIG Book Giant Edition Picture Books Informational Children of the Sun
# of Pages 29
Size 16.5" x 15"
Author L'Hommedieu, Art
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Series Big Book Editions
Publisher Child's Play
Date Published 2007
Reviews / Awards Noted YES


Packed with information, this book opens before us like a tunnel through space, enabling us to make a fascinating tour of the planets in our solar system. A fascinating three-dimensional model of our solar system that invites children to study interesting data about each of the planets.

"An inventive way to introduce young persons to the solar system." -- The Small Press Book Review

"This is a very attractive book and might delight young first graders or so who are just beginning to deal with the universe." -- Rainbo Electronic Reviews --This text refers to the Pop-Up edition.
From the Publisher

It would be hard to find a better way than with this book to introduce young children to the concept of the Solar System. From the time children are very young, it is important to encourage them to understand how the human race fits into the big picture. Using the text as a resource (it would take at least a five or six year old to follow the language right from text), we can give simple explanations while always respecting our children's enormous capacity for knowledge and understanding. An important concept to explore is that our planet is just one of the Sun's 'kids'. Human beings are always trying to learn more about the other 'kids' and about our relationship to the Sun so that we can understand better how to be a responsible member of our Solar family.

Because of the astounding visual appeal of this book, it would be a crime to keep it in a book shelf. It should be pulled open and left on display on a surface in the family room, on a child's dresser or on a daycare, nursery school or classroom shelf. Just that visibility will make it a recurring source of curiosity and conversation. From counting the planets to calculating the difference in diameters, and measuring axis angles, graphing according to distance from the Sun, length of year, circumference or diameter, working with billions and trillions (which, by the way, do not have the same value in every country), countless math concepts can be introduced and developed as we use this book.

As children begin to study and explore the Solar System at school, Children of the Sun will be an invaluable personal resource for information, understanding and as a visual aid for a project or as a model for students to construct their own version of the tunnel through space. Its usefulness and appeal extended to high school and college students as well as to teachers.
(By the way...that big numeral which describes a light year reads: Nine trillion, four hundred and sixty billion, eight hundred million kilometers - in North America, that is!) --This text refers to the Pop-Up edition.