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Air Marshals (16)
Item No. : RR09430
ISBN: 978-1-5081-4389-5
Series: Careers for Heroes
Air marshals are heroes in the skies, and readers will enjoy learning what it takes to join the ranks of those who’ve chosen this career. Detailed text informs readers of the duties, skills, and ...See more
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Akhenaten and Tutankhamen (17)
Item No. : RR10524
ISBN: 978-1-5081-7260-4
Series: Leaders of the Ancient World
Once Akhenaton came to power in fourteenth-century Egypt, life changed dramatically. He completely reformed the country's religion, and he replaced the traditional gods with a single god: Aton the sun ...See more
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Al Capone vs. Eliot Ness: Opposite Sides of the Law (15)
Item No. : GS5260
ISBN: 978-1-4824-2209-2
Series: History's Greatest Rivals
The passage of the Eighteenth Amendment in 1920 ushered in the era of Prohibition. It also induced many crime syndicates to produce and distribute alcohol. It was during this time that the infamous ...See more
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Al Sharpton (19)
Item No. : MC3029
ISBN: 978-1-4222-4003-8
Series: Civil Rights Leaders
The Reverend Al Sharpton is a flamboyant and controversial figure who for decades has led protest marches and demonstrations to draw attention to injustices committed against the African-American ...See more
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Alaskan Iditarod Adventure: Represent and Solve Problems Involving Multiplication (15)
Item No. : RR08256
ISBN: 978-1-4777-6411-4
Series: Math Masters: Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Real-life situations and relatable narratives introduce students to the principles of multiplication and division, an essential part of third-grade math. Age-appropriate language encourages learning, ...See more
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Alcohol and Drug Offenses: Your Legal Rights (15)
Item No. : RR08760
ISBN: 978-1-4777-8032-9
Series: Know Your Rights
This practical guide provides insightful counsel regarding the best legal options to pursue when charged with an alcohol or drug offense, but it also offers advice on how to stay out of this type of ...See more
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Alexander Hamilton (19)
Item No. : A09478
ISBN: 978-1-53216-019-6
Series: Founding Fathers
This book introduces readers to the life of one of our country's first leaders, Alexander Hamilton, who helped create the United States as we know it today. Vivid photographs and easy-to-read text aid ...See more
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Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr: Duel to the Death (15)
Item No. : GS5261
ISBN: 978-1-4824-2213-9
Series: History's Greatest Rivals
Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr came from differing backgrounds, but rose to great stature in the years following the American Revolution. As Secretary to the Treasury, Hamilton tackled the fragile ...See more
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Ali's Story: A Real-Life Account of His Journey from Afghanistan (18)
Item No. : 66281
ISBN: 978-1-5158-1412-2
Series: Seeking Refuge
This is the real-life story of 10-year-old refugee Ali, who is forced to flee his home country of Afganistan with his grandmother. Told in Ali's words, this story documents the feelings of alienation, ...See more
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All About Character Fall 2015 Set of 6 Books
Item No. : RRSET0336
Series: All About Character Book Set
Character education is most effectively done by example. Each book in this charming series uses real-life scenarios to illustrate a particular aspect of good character. Each spread contains large, ...See more
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All-American Fighting Forces Fall 2017 Set of 6 Books
Item No. : BRSET0081
Series: All-American Fighting Forces Book Set
This Set Includes: American Indian Code Talkers (18) , Buffalo Soldiers (18) , Go for Broke Regiment (18) , Harlem Hellfighters (18) , Tuskegee Airmen (18) , WASPs (18) . Continue diversity ...See more
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Allied Powers Fight Back, The (18)
Item No. : MC2947
ISBN: 978-1-4222-3895-0
Series: World War II
World War II was a global conflict that split the majority of the world’s nations into two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis powers. World War II is deemed to have begun in Europe ...See more
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