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Animator (15)
Item No. : RR08562
ISBN: 978-1-4777-5923-3
Series: Best Job Ever, The
This book about working as an animator is sure to be a hit with creative kids. Readers will learn all about the different fields of animation, including television, video games, and movies. In this ...See more
Market price: $23.60 save 53%
Anime: Japanese Animation Comes to America (18)
Item No. : GH0163
ISBN: 978-1-5345-6102-1
Series: Eye on Art
In recent years, anime—a Japanese style of animation—has become extremely popular in Western culture. Although in the West its audience previously consisted mainly of young children, it has ...See more
Market price: $39.40 save 20%
Anna Karenina: A BabyLit Fashion Primer (13)
Item No. : BB219409
ISBN: 9.78E+12
Series: BabyLit
Introduce your little fashionista to classic fashions in Anna Karenina: A BabyLit Fashion Primer. Elegant illustrations of beautiful gowns, uniforms, hats, gloves, cloaks and more are paired with ...See more
Ansel Adams: the Spirit of Wild Places (19)
Item No. : MC2979
ISBN: 978-1-4222-4155-4
Series: American Artists
Ansel Adams is one of America’s most popular and enduring photographers. His well-known photographs of America’s national parks, especially Yosemite and others in the West, are remarkable for their ...See more
Market price: $35.93 save 25%
Anthony van Dyck (15)
Item No. : W0627
ISBN: 978-1-6153-3921-1
Series: Artists Through the Ages: Set 2
Sir Anthony van Dyck was known for his paintings of some of the most important people in 17th century England, including King Charles I and his family. Van Dyck was sent to school to learn to be a ...See more
Market price: $27.25 save 60%
Arctic Origami (17)
Item No. : GS5955
ISBN: 978-1-4824-5922-7
Series: Amazing Origami: Set 4
Making a polar bear out of paper might seem difficult at first. But through the ancient art of origami, readers are able to bring this white-furred bear to life with just one piece of paper! In this ...See more
Market price: $26.60 save 25%
Art Collections Fall 2017 Set of 7 Books
Item No. : MCSET0060
Series: Art Collections Book Set
This Set Includes: African American Art (18) , American Folk Art (18) , Children in Art (18) , Great Artists of the World (18) , Great Masterpieces of the World (18) , Masterpieces of Chinese Art (18) ...See more
Market price: $251.51 save 25%
Art for Fall (18)
Item No. : W0873
ISBN: 978-1-5081-9417-0
Series: Outdoor Art Room, The
The leaves are falling, the wind is blowing, and the sun is still out, it's fall and it's the perfect time to get outside and make some art. This imaginative book encourages readers to get creative ...See more
Market price: $28.50 save 25%
Art for Spring (18)
Item No. : W0874
ISBN: 978-1-5081-9418-7
Series: Outdoor Art Room, The
Spring is all about rejuvenation and renewal. What better way is there to celebrate the season than by creating stunning works of art in the great outdoors? These environmentally friendly projects ...See more
Market price: $28.50 save 25%
Art for Summer (18)
Item No. : W0875
ISBN: 978-1-5081-9419-4
Series: Outdoor Art Room, The
Summer is one of the best times to get outside and interact with nature. This inventive book will inspire readers and artists of many levels to get active and create something unique. Each lesson ...See more
Market price: $28.50 save 25%
Art for Winter (18)
Item No. : W0876
ISBN: 978-1-5081-9420-0
Series: Outdoor Art Room, The
It might be cold and snowy, but winter doesn't have to be spent indoors. With the help of this innovative book, readers will be excited to get outside and create their own unique, eco-friendly ...See more
Market price: $28.50 save 25%
Art Museum (20)
Item No. : A10836
ISBN: 978-1-53218-872-5
Series: Field Trips
Field trips are important and exciting days for young people. It gets them out of the classroom where they can learn in a different environment. This title shows all the fun and educational things ...See more
Market price: $27.07 save 30%