Puppets, Puzzles and More Fairy Tale Time (16)

Fairy Tale Time (16)

Fairy Tale Time (16)
Item No. D9088
ISBN-10 / Release Date 0 00772 09088 9
ISBN-13 0 00772 09088 9
Subject Hand Puppet Set Pretend Play Fairy Tales Characters
Format Puppet
Size 10 3/4" x 12"
Series Hand Puppet
Publisher Melissa & Doug
Date Published 2016
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This four-piece hand-puppet set makes it easy for children and caregivers to role-play together! Four simple glove puppets in a coordinated theme can act out a scene together, or be used separately for simple puppet play. Either way, they are great for developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, self-confidence, parent-child bonding, and so much more! Made with brightly patterned, washable fabrics and built to last, these soft and sweet hand puppets are sure to be go-to toys for years to come. Fairy Tale Time Hand Puppets include characters from a classic story--Little Red Riding Hood, a wolf, a woodsman, and Grandmother. Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: Help the child identify each puppet, and ask him or her to find the details described in the story (for example: Little Red Riding Hood's basket of cookies, the Wolf's big ears, Grandmother's glasses, the Woodsman's ax). Place one puppet on your hand and one on the child's hand. Use your puppet to ask the child's puppet questions. For instance, "I like to skip from place to place. How do you like to get around?" Use the puppets to act out a scene for the child. For instance, you might have Little Red Riding Hood ask Grandmother to teach her how to knit a scarf to give to her mother. Allow the child to join in the scene or simply observe. Use the puppets to ask the child questions, and let the child ask questions of the puppets, too. For instance, the puppets might ask the child what are his or her favorite snacks or games. Use the puppets to act out challenging social scenes and encourage the child to help you resolve them. For instance, perhaps the Wolf and Grandmother both reach for the cookies in Little Red Riding Hood's basket at the same time, so the Woodsman points out that there are enough cookies for everyone (ask the child to count them!).