Warehouse SALE Danger in the Outlands (14) #5

Danger in the Outlands (14) #5

Danger in the Outlands (14) #5
Item No. 29465
ISBN-13 978-0-545-62788-7
Format Book Farm Bound
Subject Fiction LEGO Warriors Heroes Beginning Chapter Books
# of Pages 64
Size 5 1/4" x 7 5/8"
Author Farshtey, Greg
Reading Interest 2,3,4,5
Series LEGO Legends of Chima Beginning Chapter Books
Publisher Scholastic
Date Published 2014
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LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Hurry While Supplies Last - - The legendary adventures continue in this action-packed, full-color chapter book based on the hottest new LEGO(R) property, Legends of Chima(TM)! The warriors of Chima(TM) are back and united on a quest to save the Legend Beasts from the treacherous Outlands! But strange new enemies are waiting for them in the mist -- the likes of which Laval and his friends have never seen. Between Scorpions that sting, Spiders that trap, and Bats that fly in a thick, black cloud, do the heroes have what it takes to defeat these new enemies? Or will their first quest together also be . . . their last?