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12 Business Leaders with Disabilities (20)
Item No. : 81820
ISBN: 978-1-63235-7533
Series: No Barriers
The No Barriers series profiles people with disabilities who have succeeded/are succeeding in a variety of professions and pursuits. Each book features engaging, fact-filled biographies of 12 living ...See more
Market price: $35.70 save 30%
12 Things to Know about the Stock Market (15)
Item No. : 80889
ISBN: 978-1-63235-034-3
Series: Today's News
Explores 12 things to know about the stock market. Includes amazing facts along with information about key history and major players. ...See more
Market price: $31.35 save 65%
12 Women in Business (20)
Item No. : 81836
ISBN: 978-1-63235-7748
Series: Women Who Changed the World
The Women Who Changed the World series profiles inspiring, influential women who challenged stereotypes, overcame barriers, and opened doors. Some were first women in their fields. Some rose to the ...See more
Market price: $35.70 save 30%
African American Entrepreneurs: Stories of Success (18)
Item No. : GH0175
ISBN: 978-1-5345-6079-6
Series: Lucent Library of Black History
Starting a business is inherently risky, but it has historically been much harder for African Americans due to the systemic racism they face in many different areas. However, many black entrepreneurs ...See more
Market price: $39.40 save 72%
Agricultores -Farmers (20)
Item No. : RR12721S
ISBN: 978-1-7253-1279-1
Series: Trabajadores de nuestra comunidad -Helpers in Our Community
Many years ago, most of the U.S. population lived on farms and produced their own food to eat. Now, only 2 percent of the population produces food for the entire world. Readers will learn that farmers ...See more
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Alexander Hamilton: Founding Father and Treasury Secretary (18)
Item No. : EN0406
ISBN: 978-0-7660-9047-7
Series: Junior Biographies
Though a renowned Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton's fame has recently received a boost from the hit musical Hamilton. He was chosen as the subject of that work because of his extraordinary ...See more
Market price: $22.60 save 51%
Amazon.com (13)
Item No. : A05100
ISBN: 978-1-61783-330-4
Series: Technology Pioneers Set 2
This unique series examines the fascinating lives of those whose extraordinary efforts have shaped and created today’s world of technology businesses. Readers will learn about the vision, talent, and ...See more
Market price: $34.22 save 68%
America's Infrastructure (19)
Item No. : GH00427
ISBN: 978-1-5345-0416-5
Series: At Issue
Engineers argue that inadequate maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, waterways, and other critical aspects of infrastructure along with underinvestment have created an infrastructure crisis in the ...See more
Market price: $39.40 save 72%
America's Mental Health Crisis (20)
Item No. : GH00661
ISBN: 978-1-5345-0614-5
Series: Current Controversies
Approximately one in five adults in the United States experience mental illness on an annual basis, and emotional, behavioral, or mental disorders are just as prevalent among young people. Issues like ...See more
Market price: $47.40 save 20%
American Billionaires: Privilege, Politics and Power (21)
Item No. : RR12832
ISBN: 978-1-6428-2336-3
Series: In the Headlines: Set 5
Please Note: This title is not yet printed, but available for presale. This title will be in stock August 2020. According to Forbes Magazine, there are more than 500 billionaires in the United States, ...See more
Market price: $54.26 save 25%
American Middle Class, The (19)
Item No. : A09391
ISBN: 978-1-53211-403-8
Series: Class in America
The American Middle Class takes a close look at the segment of the population that lies between the poor and the rich, examining how this group has played an important role in US society and how it ...See more
Market price: $38.07 save 71%
Ancient Civilizations Explained (14)
Item No. : RR08003
ISBN: 978-1-4777-2975-5
Series: Guide for Curious Minds, The
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. . Ancient history covers a vast period from the first written records ...See more
Market price: $38.25 save 71%