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What’s Income Inequality? (19)
Item No. : GH00406
ISBN: 978-1-5345-2587-0
Series: What's the Issue?: Set 2
Income inequality is a complex topic, but readers are able to explore this issue using language and examples they can easily understand. The economic, social, and political realities of income ...See more
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What’s Intolerance? (18)
Item No. : GH0248
ISBN: 978-1-5345-2439-2
Series: What's the Issue?
Intolerance is a complex issue, but readers are introduced to it in a way that leaves them feeling enlightened and not overwhelmed. Informative, accessible text presents a basic definition of ...See more
Market price: $24.60 save 20%
What’s Racism? (18)
Item No. : GH0249
ISBN: 978-1-5345-2437-8
Series: What's the Issue?
Racism is a difficult issue to face, but people must confront it if they hope to move beyond it. Confronting challenging social issues such as racism often begins with education. As readers discover ...See more
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When Is Free Speech Hate Speech? (18)
Item No. : GH0086
ISBN: 978-1-5345-0077-8
Series: At Issue: Set 2
Free speech is guaranteed under the First Amendment. Although it may hurt and offend, hate speech is still free, under most circumstances. But what happens when institutions like universities adopt ...See more
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Who Are Community Workers? (18)
Item No. : RR10613
ISBN: 978-1-6804-8739-8
Series: Let's Find Out! Communities
This book introduces many community workers and volunteers and describes what they do in accessible language. Young readers will learn about the important roles that police officers, firefighters, ...See more
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Who Are Refugees? (18)
Item No. : GH0250
ISBN: 978-1-5345-2433-0
Series: What's the Issue?
How do refugees differ from immigrants? Why do they leave their country, and what do they hope to find in a new place? These questions and more are answered as readers are given an in-depth look at ...See more
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Wildlife Rehabilitators to the Rescue (13)
Item No. : BP581
ISBN: 978-1-61772-748-1
Series: Work of Heroes:, The First Responders in Action
From a wildlife rehabilitator who cared for a hawk when its wing was broken to the team of workers who rescued hundreds of pelicans covered in thick, sticky oil after an oil rig exploded in the Gulf ...See more
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Wind Turbine Technicians on the Job (20)
Item No. : CW2313
ISBN: 978-1-50383-558-0
Series: Exploring Trade Jobs
Highlights the schooling, job training, and life on the job for wind turbine technicians. Additional features include a Fast Facts spread, critical-thinking questions, a phonetic glossary, resources ...See more
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Women Entrepreneurs (17)
Item No. : EN0151
ISBN: 978-0-7660-8143-7
Series: Defying Convention: Women Who Changed the Rules
Before the twentieth century, women were expected to be housewives and caregivers. Business was left to the men. Still, out of necessity, thanks to family privilege, or simply because they had a good ...See more
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Women in Business (16)
Item No. : RR09097
ISBN: 978-1-4994-1081-5
Series: Women Groundbreakers
Throughout history, women were kept in the home and out of the workplace. Over time, however, women began breaking out of their traditional roles and entering spaces traditionally occupied by ...See more
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Women in Business (17)
Item No. : A07922
ISBN: 978-1-68078-290-5
Series: Women's Lives in History
Women have made a difference in every field imaginable, and they continue to do so today. Women's Lives in History introduces readers to dozens of these remarkable people. Women in Business features ...See more
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Women in Positions of Leadership (18)
Item No. : RR11490
ISBN: 978-1-5081-7716-6
Series: Women in the World: Set 2
Unfortunately, far fewer women than men hold positions of leadership around the world. This is not due to the fact that women are less skilled at leadership than men, but is due to a mix of societal ...See more
Market price: $37.10 save 25%