Giraffe (09)

Giraffe (09)
Item No. D2106
ISBN-10 / Release Date 0 00772 02106 7
ISBN-13 0 00772 02106 7
Subject Support Materials
Format Toy
Size 27" x 55" x 12"
Series Large Plush - Special Order
Publisher Melissa & Doug


The majestic Giant Giraffe from Melissa & Doug transforms your child's nursery or bedroom into an African savanna. This king-sized addition is sure to bring a smile to your young one's face with its plush fur coat and spots patterned closely after the real thing. This toy's cuddly appearance will have kids aged three years and up running to hug it in no time. And because of its sturdy construction, the Giant Giraffe can take all the love your child has to give. To withstand all your child's love and affection, the Giant Giraffe has sturdy wire-framed legs. This toy likes to stand and be hugged more than climbed and ridden. It is so delightfully charming that it may be accidentally knocked down from over-energetic squeezes and hugs. Nevertheless, parents can rest assured the Giant Giraffe's soft body and framing make it tough enough to withstand the hazards of their child's wild imagination.