Fiction Books Gladys the Magic Chicken (21)

Gladys the Magic Chicken (21)

Gladys the Magic Chicken (21)
Item No. 22505
ISBN-13 9780593325605
Format Hardcover
Subject Fiction Picture Book Magic Chicken Humor Adventure
# of Pages 48
Size 9.4 x 11.8
Author Rubin, Adam
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2
Series Single Picture Books
Publisher Penguin Random House
Date Published 2021
Reviews / Awards Noted YES


Gladys the chicken must be magic. After all, for everyone who encounters her, a wish is granted. The Shepherd Boy wishes to be beautiful, the Brave Swordsman wishes to join the Royal Guard, the Purple Pooh-bah wishes for his only daughter to be happy, and the Learned Princess wishes to escape the palace. And one by one, each of these wishes comes true. But…is Gladys really magic? Or is everyone making their own fortune? Either way, it adds up to one heck of an adventure for a chicken named Gladys. Blending a classic storybook feel with a thoroughly modern sense of humor, this side-splitting read aloud is perfect for anyone who wishes to see magic in the world—even if they are only looking at a chicken.