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-Glove Puppets, Hand Puppets, Stage Puppets

-Glove Puppets, Hand Puppets, Stage Puppets
You can find a wide variety of glove and hand puppets to accompany any great story.


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Chicken, Funky (15)
Item No. : F3030
ISBN: 6 38348 03030 6
Series: Hand Puppet
2014 PARENTS' CHOICE Gold Award
Shake your tail feathers with the whimsical FUNKY CHICKEN puppet! This groovy gal has feather soft plush, playful eyes and velvety comb atop her ...See more
Chimp (12)
Item No. : PC003803
ISBN: 5060091082847
Series: My First Puppets
A collection of delightful little glove puppets suitable from birth upwards. Made from high quality fabrics with embroidered faces, this is the perfect starter puppet-hence the name! ...See more
Market price: $10.99 save 23%
Chimp (12)
Item No. : PC006007
ISBN: 5060091082243
Series: Long-Sleeved Glove Puppets
As the name suggests these are long puppets that reach down almost to your elbow! Good stage presence and most with moving mouths make them suitable for children and adults to use. A really ...See more
Chimp (12)
Item No. : PC008007
ISBN: 5060091084421
Series: CarPets
CarPets are a really delightful range of glove puppets which you can take in your car and perfect for child directed play. Representing all our favorite animals, they are suitable for children and ...See more
Chimp (13)
Item No. : PC009603
ISBN: 5060091089211
Series: My Second Puppets
Exciting range of fourteen bright and funky colored glove puppets. Each one is certified from birth but, big enough to fit an adult hand. These puppets are both fun and engaging, making them perfect ...See more
Chimp (15)
Item No. : PC001820
ISBN: 5060311832849
Series: Full-Bodied Puppets
These beautiful full-bodied puppets are a great addition to any collection. ...See more
Chimp (18)
Item No. : PC004606
ISBN: 5060311837332
Series: Puppet Buddies
One of our completely new glove puppets from our new collection of Puppet Buddies. ...See more
Chimpanzee, Baby (10)
Item No. : F2877
ISBN: 6 38348 02877 8
Series: Hand Puppet
2011 CREATIVE CHILD Preferred Choice Award

This adorable Folkmanis BABY CHIMPANZEE is a hug-able puppet that can be any child's best ...See more
Chipmunk in Watermelon (19)
Item No. : F3128
ISBN: 638348031280
Series: Hand Puppet
The charming Folkmanis® Chipmunk in Watermelon puppet is foraging for fun with its hide-and-seek antics. Engage your little ones with this extraordinary and colorful soft toy that inspires peek-a-boo ...See more
Chivers (12)
Item No. : PC008804
ISBN: 5060091086401
Series: Wigglers
These fun and furry friends can be made to perform lots of delightfully wriggly moves! Simply place a Wiggler along the top of your arm and tuck three fingers into the head pocket, then cross your ...See more
Market price: $10.99 save 45%
Chris (12)
Item No. : PC007009
ISBN: 5060091087736
Series: Knitted Glove Puppets
Knitted, stripy puppets, with a large moving mouth, squeaker and bags of personality! Average Height: 16" ...See more
Market price: $29.74 save 19%
Chuckle (14)
Item No. : PC006301
ISBN: 5060311830173
Series: Snappers
Coming Soon: A new collection of bright colorful characters. Each one individually designed with a loud air filled squeaker for a voice. The designs are based on the world’s most exotic birds such as ...See more
Market price: $28.99 save 24%