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-Glove Puppets, Hand Puppets, Stage Puppets

-Glove Puppets, Hand Puppets, Stage Puppets
You can find a wide variety of glove and hand puppets to accompany any great story.


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Crow (15)
Item No. : PC004203
ISBN: 5060091083783
Series: Baby Birds
The 'Baby Birds' are delightful, brightly colored puppets with a noisy squawker in their beak. They are identical to the 'Large Birds' collection but designed for smaller hands. They combine very ...See more
Daisy Duck (18)
Item No. : F5012
ISBN: 638348 050120
Series: Disney Puppets
Sassy and sweet, Daisy Duck makes her debut to the Folkmanis Disney Classic Character puppet collection. Dressed to impress in vintage style, her accessorizes include pink hair bow, high heels and a ...See more
Dalmatian (18)
Item No. : PC004609
ISBN: 5060311837363
Series: Puppet Buddies
One of our completely new glove puppets from our new collection of Puppet Buddies. ...See more
Dinosaur Egg (19)
Item No. : F3134
ISBN: 638348031341
Series: Hand Puppet
An updated version of a Folkmanis classic, the Dinosaur Egg is ready to captivate your attention. Pop the toothy baby T-Rex, with movable mouth and arms, in and out of the egg to engage little ones in ...See more
Dinosaur Friends (18)
Item No. : D9085
Series: Hand Puppet
"This four-piece hand-puppet set makes it easy for kids and adults to role-play together! Four simple glove puppets in a coordinated theme can act out a scene together, or be used separately for ...See more
Dinosaur Volcano (16)
Item No. : PC003036
ISBN: 5060311833099
Series: Hide-Away Puppets
As the name suggests this collection of puppets all have somewhere to 'hide' ...See more
Item No. : PC009605
ISBN: 5060091089235
Series: My Second Puppets
Exciting range of fourteen bright and funky colored glove puppets. Each one is certified from birth but, big enough to fit an adult hand. These puppets are both fun and engaging, making them perfect ...See more
Dog (Brown & White) (16)
Item No. : PC003008
ISBN: 5060311833518
Series: Playful Puppies
These gorgeous new full bodied puppets have hand access between the front legs allowing for very life like movement and a fantastic effect. ...See more
Dog Stage Puppet (17)
Item No. : F3100
Series: Stage Puppet
The Dog stage puppet is another of the stage puppet series by Folkmanis. It has two shades of brown and some white on its body. You can put your hand into the body from underneath and then into the ...See more
Dog [Brown & White] (17)
Item No. : PC001824
ISBN: 5060311834539
Series: Full-Bodied Animal Puppets
Fun new puppets that are sure to delight! ...See more
Dog, Hot (20)
Item No. : F3145
ISBN: 638348031457
Series: Hand Puppet
Dachshund fans will exclaim “hot diggity” at first sight of the whimsical Folkmanis® Hot Dog. This wiener dog is a handful of fun with finger openings to move both head and tail. Removable bun with ...See more
Dog, Panting (16)
Item No. : F3053
ISBN: 638348030535
Series: Hand Puppet
Play can sometimes be exhausting, so take a break and catch your breath with the Folkmanis® PANTING DOG puppet. With a gentle squeeze to his body and a hand working his mouth, bring this soft and ...See more