Fiction Books I Am the Rain (18)

I Am the Rain (18)

I Am the Rain (18)
Item No. 36768
ISBN-13 978-1-58469-616-2
Format Book Farm Bound
Subject Fiction Picture Book STEM Earth Space Science Water Matter Conservation Poetry
# of Pages 32
Size 9" x 11"
Author Paterson, John
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Series Singles and Picture Books
Publisher Dawn Publications
Date Published 2018
Reviews / Awards Noted YES
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Book Reviews and Awards: This cross-curricular gem is a beautiful tribute to the many colors, shapes, and fluid forms of water, striking artwork
and rhyming verses tell the story of the shifting, flowing, frozen, molten, misty matter. It explains the three states of
water, its cycle, and takes a deeper look at each illustration, posing questions and exploring answers concerning
everything from the color of water and why it rains to what causes frost and fog.

— “Starred” Foreword Reviews, (issue March/April 2018)

Through many types of weather and the different seasons, water tells readers about its many forms. “Sometimes I’m the rain cloud / and sometimes I’m the rain.” Water can make rainbows and can appear to be different colors. Water is a waterfall, a wave, an ocean swell, a frozen pond, the snow on your nose, a cloud, frost, a comet, a part of you. Throughout, Paterson’s rhyming verses evoke images of their own: “Soon the summer sun is back / and warms me with its rays. / I rise in rumbling thunderheads / like castles in the haze,” though at times word order seems to have been chosen for rhyme rather than meaning (“In fall I sink into a fog / and blanket chilly fields, / with pumpkins touched by morning frost / the harvest season yields”). Backmatter includes a diagram of the water cycle that introduces and describes each step with solid vocabulary, including “Collection” as a step in the process; “The Science Behind the Poetry,” which unpacks some of the poetic language and phrases; some water activities and explorations; conservation tips; and a list of other books from the publisher about water. Paterson’s full- and double-page-spread illustrations are just as magical as his verse, showing water in its many forms from afar and close up. Few people appear on his pages, but the vast majority of those are people of color. A lyrical and educational look at the water cycle. (Informational picture book. 4-8)

— Kirkus Reviews (January 2018)

I Am the Rain captures the imagination through whimsical images and compelling words. As a mother and a scientist, I seek out stories that hold special meaning about the natural world and are shared in a way that speak directly to a child’s mind and heart. This book delivers both in a thoughtful and beautiful way. It’s sure to be a well loved favorite!

—Dr. Abigail Derby Lewis, Senior Conservation Ecologist, The Field Museum, Chicago, IL (Dec. 2017)

Water is always changing—from rain to rivers, fog to thunderheads and snowflakes to ocean waves. John Paterson’s lyrical verses “Because of me the land is green. I’m why the sky is blue. All of life depends on me. I’m even part of you.” John’s evocative illustrations highlight water’s many moods. “I can show you rainbows/ in mist or morning dew/ I can be a muddy flood/or a pool of aqua blue.” Teachers and parents will appreciate the Explore More section in the back of the book that includes “The Science Behind the Poetry,” STEM activities, water conservation tips, and more.