Fiction Books I'm Gonna Push Through! (20)

I'm Gonna Push Through! (20)

I'm Gonna Push Through! (20)
Item No. 1526
ISBN-13 978-1-5344-3965-8
Format Hardcover
Subject Fiction Picture Book Push Through Movement Empowering All-inclusive Diversity
# of Pages 40
Size 8" x 10"
Author Wright, Jasmyn
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Series Singles and Picture Books
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Date Published 2020
Reviews / Awards Noted YES


Book Reviews:
"An empowering mantra the author developed for her third grade students . . . Wright’s illustrations aptly relay the range of emotions felt in vulnerable situations, representing an inclusive array of figures flexing their stamina across obstacles . . . An emboldening read for managing self-efficacy."– Publishers Weekly

Based on the Push Through movement that inspires kids worldwide, this is an empowering, energetic, and all-inclusive picture book that celebrates resilience in the face of adversity.

Hold your head high. No matter what stands in the way of your dreams, remember this: YOU can push through anything!
If someone tells you it’s too hard, don’t you ever listen. You tell them,
“I’m gonna push through!”

Inspired by a mantra written for her third-grade students, Jasmyn Wright’s uplifting call to “push through” is an invitation to young readers to announce their own power and to recognize and reaffirm that of others, regardless of setbacks. Her empowering words not only lift children up, but show them how to lift themselves up and seize their potential.