3.) Marketing the Library

3.) Marketing the Library

1. Be all inclusive! Here is a list of 10 Great Tips for Marketing to the Families of Children with Special Needs - - here!

1B. Follow the link below to search for titles on special needs/disabilities. - here!

2. Here is a list of 12 Fast and Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Library - - here!

3. Here is a list of 14 Simple Things that Will Increase Circulation! - - here!

3B. Even more ways on How to Increase Library Circulation - - here!

4. Find out 100 Ways to Use Twitter in Your Library - here!

5. Find out how Facebook Can Help Market Your Library - here!

6. Open Education Database has a great article on 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Libraries - here!

7. Improve Usability at Your Library - find out how - here!

8. Find out how to Make Customer Support Fun at Your Library - here!

9. Find out how to Connect With Teens and Make Them Feel Welcome - here!

10. You Don't Need any Ideas on How to Improve Patron Service at Your Library, but if you did, you would find them  - here!

11.Make Your Library Great...Again! - here!

12. Ideas on how to Promote Your School Library - here!

13. Download the Libraries Change Lives PSA - Declaration for the Right to Libraries - here!

14. Find out Why Librarians are Awesome! - here!

15. Watch the EdWeb EdWebinar on Pitching the Library: The Elevator Speech! - here!

16. Remind your Patrons of the 150 Free (and nearly free) Things that Libraries Offer - here!

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