Warehouse SALE Mighty Mole and Super Soil (15)

Mighty Mole and Super Soil (15)

Mighty Mole and Super Soil (15)
Item No. 36762
ISBN-13 978-1-58469-539-4
Format Book Farm Bound
Subject Nonfiction Picture Books Science Life Science Animals Nature Moles
# of Pages 32
Size 9" x 11"
Author Quattlebaum, Mary
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Series Singles and Picture Books
Publisher Dawn Publications
Date Published 2015
Reviews / Awards Noted YES
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LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Hurry While Supplies Last - - This delightful story helps students understand the importance of soil to organisms such as Mighty Mole, and the importance of those same organisms to soil. Though it feeds, clothes, and provides shelter for us, soil is the most overlooked and underappreciated resource on the planet. Mighty Mole is a great introduction and incentive for students, teachers, and parents alike to learn more about this wonderful resource, SOIL. ~ Dr. Dirt, aka Clay Robinson, PhD, Education Manager, Soil Science Society of America."Moles are secretive mammals few of us ever see, but are brought to life in this wonderful book. With mighty adaptations to their life underground, moles are superheros for improving the soil underfoot. Dirt, tunnels, and earthworms make moles tick." ~ John Wible, Curator of Mammals, Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Below your feet, Mighty Mole is on the move. Like a swimmer in dirt, she strokes through the soil. Her tunnels are everywhere! She finds food, eludes a predator, has a family, and helps to make Super Soil. Moles live almost everywhere yet are rarely seen. Similarly, soil is a largely invisible ecosystem and yet is vital to the health of the world. Following the story, two Explore More for Kids pages offer a matching challenge and a review of some of the remarkable traits that make moles "mighty." Two additional pages of Explore More for Teachers and Parents offers activities in visual and language arts, science, technology, and math.