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10 Little Chicks (18)
Item No. : BB21831
ISBN: 978-0-316-45209-0
Series: 10 Little
Sing, laugh, and count animals in this charming board book that reimagines a popular nursery rhyme with an Easter theme.
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10 Little Kisses (18)
Item No. : BB21830
ISBN: 978-0-316-42083-9
Series: 10 Little
"Count to ten with baby in this board book that reimagines the popular nursery rhyme with adorable photos of love in the animal kingdom!

This Valentine's Day, everyone from puppies to ...See more
A Giraffe Did One Board Book (19)
Item No. : 72479
ISBN: 978-1-53411-036-6
This title will be available April 2019. Readers have to figure out just exactly what it is these animals are doing. A fun reminder on good manners. ...See more
An Egg for Bunny (19)
Item No. : BB21825
ISBN: 978-1-9848-4947-2
A new springtime board book all about the joys of unexpected friendships. A perfect addition to any Easter basket!

Hop along with a curious bunny as it meets a brand-new friend that just ...See more
Baby Dream (19)
Item No. : BB21793
ISBN: 978-1-7828-5729-7
Series: Baby's Day
Now it’s time for us to rest. Snuggle up with Baby Dream to develop baby’s early language skills and strengthen the caregiver-child bond! Just right for bedtime, naptime or any time caregivers want to ...See more
Baby Food (19)
Item No. : BB21792
ISBN: 978-1-7828-5730-3
Series: Baby's Day
Babies eat in lots of ways…and most of them are messy! Giggle and gurgle together with Baby Food, a charming, inclusive window into all the ways babies enjoy their food: bottle-feeding, nursing, ...See more
Baby Play (19)
Item No. : BB21791
ISBN: 978-1-7828-5728-0
Series: Baby's Day
Please note - this title is temporarily out of stock with the publisher...this title is expected back in stock June 2019. Peekaboo, I see you! Get ready to dance, build, splash and laugh together with ...See more
Baby Talk (19)
Item No. : BB21790
ISBN: 978-1-7828-5222-3
Series: Baby's Day
Babies talk in all kinds of ways - and the people who love them talk back! This unique board book has been specially created for parents and older children to share with new babies, helping to lay the ...See more
Big Egg Rescue! (19)
Item No. : BB21826
ISBN: 978-0-525-64794-2
Series: Top Wing Board Books
This Easter-themed board book with a foiled cover stars the cadets from Nickelodeon’s Top Wing!

Nickelodeon’s Top Wing cadets Rod, Swift, Penny, and Brody go on a daring egg rescue in ...See more
Blocks (18)
Item No. : BB21816
ISBN: 978-1-5362-0272-4
A cleverly simple book builds skills as well as towers…Like Ruby, Benji, and Guy, readers will want to share Blocks!
—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

The large format ...See more
D is for Dump Truck: A Construction Alphabet Board Book (19)
Item No. : 72465
ISBN: 978-1-53411-035-9
Series: Alphabet Board Books
This title will be available April 2019. Construction equipment has long been a favorite of little readers and D is for Dump Truck takes children on an A to Z exploration of a fun backyard ...See more
Daniel Loves You (18)
Item No. : BB21834
ISBN: 978-1-5344-3750-0
Series: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Board Books
A new generation of children love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, inspired by the classic series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood!

Daniel says “I love you” in this shaped board book based on ...See more