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Dream Big (19)
Item No. : BB21768
ISBN: 978-1-338-33868-3
Series: Joyce Wan Board Books
A bold, inspiring message for little graduates of today with a heartening homage to female trailblazers of the past from beloved creator Joyce Wan!

Dream your dreams with your eyes wide ...See more
E is for Easter (19)
Item No. : BB21800
ISBN: 978-1-4236-5091-1
Series: BabyLit
Introduce your brilliant baby to the ABCs with this colorfully illustrated primer about the joys of Easter.

In the latest alphabet primer from artist Greg Paprocki, Easter and the rites ...See more
El Chavo (19)
Item No. : BB21801BS
ISBN: 978-1-947971-27-1
Series: Lil' Libros: El Chavo
Unable to find bilingual first concept books she could enjoy reading to her baby, Patty Rodriguez came up with the idea behind Lil' Libros. Patty and her work have been featured in the Los Angeles ...See more
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Even Superheroes Use the Potty (18)
Item No. : BB21900
ISBN: 978-1-5247-6599-6
Series: Superheroes
Book Reviews: "A potty-training book to go for."—Kirkus Reviews

It’s potty time for superheroes, firefighters, ninjas, soldiers, and KIDS!

Young ones will enjoy this ...See more
Herbie's Big Adventure (20)
Item No. : 481325
ISBN: 978-1-68446-092-2
Please Note: This title is not yet printed, but available for presale. This title will be in stock August 2019. Herbie is a little hedgehog who is perfectly happy at home with his mother. But one day ...See more
I Am a Tractor (19)
Item No. : BB21770
ISBN: 978-1-338-33360-2
Series: I Am A Vehicle
Learn all about the hardest-working machine on the farm in a board book shaped like a real tractor!

I am a tractor.
I work on a farm.

Readers may want to put on their ...See more
I Am an Airplane (19)
Item No. : BB21769
ISBN: 978-1-338-33487-6
Series: I Am A Vehicle
I am an airplane.
I work at an airport.

Readers may want to bring their luggage for this fun and sturdy board book shaped like an airplane! Read along as airplanes of all shapes, ...See more
I Dream in Color (19)
Item No. : BB21813
ISBN: 978-1-5344-3211-6
Series: Crayola Board Books
Learn how the colors all around you inspire your biggest dreams with this keepsake board book from Crayola!

Do you dream in color? With the help of Crayola colors, this book explores big ...See more
I Listen (19)
Item No. : BB21787
ISBN: 978-1-63198-380-1
Series: Learning About Me & You: Early Social Skills
“I hear things all around me. Talking is a special sound I hear.” Listening is a critical communication skill that builds a child’s attention span and leads to understanding. This simple but powerful ...See more
I Speak Up (19)
Item No. : BB21809
ISBN: 978-1-63198-378-8
Series: Learning About Me & You: Early Social Skills
“I love to talk with people!” announces the toddler narrator of this charming board book. Language is an essential communication skill and an important avenue for self-expression, meeting needs, ...See more
Kindness Rules! (19)
Item No. : BB21782
ISBN: 978-1-4197-3426-7
Series: Hello!Lucky Board Books
Manners don’t come naturally to everyone! But did you know that elephants are known for their impeccable etiquette? It’s true! This hilarious guide to good manners offers many fun teaching moments for ...See more
L is for Love (19)
Item No. : BB21799
ISBN: 978-1-4236-4985-4
Series: BabyLit
ntroduce your brilliant baby to the ABCs with this colorfully illustrated primer about love and friendship.

Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on the themes of love and friendship, and ...See more