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Chimp (12)
Item No. : PC004102
ISBN: 5060091083554
Series: Large Primates
The huge Chimp puppet comes complete with his own banana and fully working mouth. He is really easy to use and very cuddly! Average Height: 29" ...See more
Giant T-Rex - Plush (16)
Item No. : D8266
ISBN: 0 00772 08266
Series: Large Plush - Special Order
Lifelike Animals: Our Collecton of realistically designed companions features createures from the forest to the farm, the savannah to the sea and more! The T-Rex is over four feet tall! ...See more
Orangutan (13)
Item No. : PC004101
ISBN: 5060091083547
Series: Large Primates
Sure to Delight ...See more
Pink Galah (13)
Item No. : PC003113
ISBN: 5060091088498
Series: Large Birds
This Collection contains some of the world's most beautiful and rare birds. Each of these large puppets has a full working mouth plus a large 'air filled squawk' so no batteries to replace! Bright ...See more