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12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Computer Technology, The (15)
Item No. : 80877
ISBN: 978-1-63235-012-1
Series: Technology Breakthroughs
The 12 Biggest Breakthroughs in Computer Technology introduces 12 of the most influential moments in the development of computer technology. Amazing facts are included, along with information about ...See more
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12 Things to Know about Wild Weather (15)
Item No. : 80890
ISBN: 978-1-63235-035-0
Series: Today's News
Explores 12 things to know about wild weather. Includes amazing facts along with information about key problems and solutions. ...See more
Market price: $31.35 save 65%
A Refreshing Look at Renewable Energy with Max Axiom, Super Scientist: 4D An Augmented Reading Science Experience (20)
Item No. : 481436
ISBN: 978-1-5435-7248-3
Series: Graphic Science 4D
Charge up with Max Axiom as he explores the globe to understand renewable energy! Learn about all kinds of renewable energy sources and the benefits of using them. With brand-new Capstone 4D ...See more
Market price: $36.65 save 25%
A World After an Asteroid Strike (14)
Item No. : H01272
ISBN: 978-1-4329-7618-7
Series: A World After
Can you imagine what our lives would be like after a devastating asteroid strike? What effect would the resulting tsunami, storms, and dust cloud have? What would happen to the climate, wildlife, and ...See more
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Air (15)
Item No. : W0603
ISBN: 978-1-4777-9261-2
Series: Four Elements, The
As important as air is, it is often taken for granted. Students will enjoy learning all about the science of air, including the atmosphere, heat conduction, airless environments, and more, with this ...See more
Market price: $26.25 save 58%
Air (20)
Item No. : A10977
ISBN: 978-1-53216-583-2
Series: Natural Resources
Introduces readers to air, while explaining how the resource is used, problems facing the natural resource, and what the future of it looks like. Vivid photographs and easy-to-read text aid ...See more
Market price: $30.93 save 29%
Air (21)
Item No. : 481861
ISBN: 978-1-9771-23770
Series: Earth Materials and Systems
All living things need air to survive. Air also protects Earth. Discover why air is an important part of nature! ...See more
Market price: $31.32 save 25%
Air and Water (21)
Item No. : EN1063
ISBN: 978-1-9785-2040-0
Series: Simple Science Experiments
Air and water are everywhere, playing a crucial role in human survival, and the survival of most of the planet. For a young scientist, understanding these integral parts of our world is the first step ...See more
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Aircraft (16)
Item No. : BR00292
ISBN: 978-1-78121-236-3
Series: Technology Timelines
This volume marks the progression of science and tech from yesterdays single-seaters to today's state-of-the-art jet aircraft and drones.The innovators, entrepreneurs and scientists are profiled and ...See more
Market price: $32.80 save 66%
Airplanes (22) Level 3
Item No. : 92377
ISBN: 9781644875971
Series: How It Works Level 3
Airplanes help people get places faster. They are also vital for businesses around the world! Leveled text and crisp photos explore what these machines do, how they work, and what they might look like ...See more
Market price: $26.95 save 30%
All About Forces (16)
Item No. : H01808
ISBN: 978-1-4846-2689-4
Series: All About Science
This series introduces simple science topics using everyday objects and situations that readers can recognize in the world around them. The four titles cover different aspects of light, forces, ...See more
Market price: $27.99 save 61%
Aluminum (19)
Item No. : EN0512
ISBN: 978-0-7660-9902-9
Series: Exploring the Elements
Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals in the Earth's crust. It is used for everything from soda cans to cars, planes, rockets, and in construction. In the 1800s, scientists learned how to ...See more
Market price: $27.93 save 61%