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Air Masses and Fronts (19)
Item No. : RR11704
ISBN: 978-1-5081-6866-9
Series: Spotlight On Weather and Natural Disasters
Air moves in large bodies called air masses. When two air masses bump into each other, the place where they meet is called a front. This is where weather often occurs. This fact-filled book explores ...See more
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Air Pressure Driving the Weather! (18)
Item No. : EN0354
ISBN: 978-0-7660-9007-1
Series: Weather Report, The
As one of the five elements of weather, air pressure is the driving force behind shifting weather patterns. Readers discover how high and low pressure areas work and the ways in which hot and cold air ...See more
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Air Shark! Novice-Level Paper Airplanes: 4D An Augmented Reality Paper-Folding Experience (18)
Item No. : 480581
ISBN: 978-1-5435-0796-6
Series: Paper Airplanes with a Side of Science 4D
Fold, fold, fold your way into the sky with a few basic folding techniques and a side of science. Photo-illustrated instructions and special 4D components show you how to build the Air Shark and other ...See more
Market price: $31.99 save 25%
Aircraft (16)
Item No. : BR00292
ISBN: 978-1-78121-236-3
Series: Technology Timelines
This volume marks the progression of science and tech from yesterdays single-seaters to today's state-of-the-art jet aircraft and drones.The innovators, entrepreneurs and scientists are profiled and ...See more
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Alcohol and Tobacco (17)
Item No. : MC2594
ISBN: 978-1-4222-3599-7
Series: Drug Addiction and Recovery
Alcohol and tobacco have long histories as socially acceptable drugs. And yet, both alcohol and tobacco can be exceedingly deadly. For instance, excessive drinking has been cited as a cause of death ...See more
Alfa Romeo (13)
Item No. : RR07032
ISBN: 978-1-4488-7461-3
Series: Speed Machines
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. . The Alfa Romeo company has been building sporty cars for more than a ...See more
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All About Forces (16)
Item No. : H01808
ISBN: 978-1-4846-2689-4
Series: All About Science
This series introduces simple science topics using everyday objects and situations that readers can recognize in the world around them. The four titles cover different aspects of light, forces, ...See more
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Alternative Energy Sources: End of Fossil Fuels, The? (19)
Item No. : GH00472
ISBN: 978-1-5345-6509-8
Series: Hot Topics
Climate change and sustainability are important topics in the 21st century. Scientists have long warned that using fossil fuels to heat homes, power vehicles, and keep appliances running has negative ...See more
Market price: $39.40 save 20%
Alternative Energy Spring 2017 Set of 8 Books
Item No. : ASET0370
Series: Alternative Energy Book Set
This Set Includes: Biofuels , Geothermal Energy , Hydroelectric Energy , Hydrogen Fuel Cells , Nuclear Energy , Ocean Energy , Solar Energy , Wind Energy ...See more
Market price: $262.32 save 30%
Aluminum (18)
Item No. : MC2776
ISBN: 978-1-4222-3838-7
Series: Chemistry of Everyday Elements, The
Chemistry is literally a part of our lives every day. This series introduces you to elements that help you live, thrive, drive, eat, fly, communicate, and more. In this series, each book tells the ...See more
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Aluminum (19)
Item No. : EN0512
ISBN: 978-0-7660-9902-9
Series: Exploring the Elements
Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals in the Earth's crust. It is used for everything from soda cans to cars, planes, rockets, and in construction. In the 1800s, scientists learned how to ...See more
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Amazing Universe, The (17)
Item No. : A08181
ISBN: 978-1-68078-402-2
Series: Exploring Our Universe
Climb Aboard! Explore the beginning of the universe, the big bang theory, galaxies, and black holes! Learn about key astronomers and their contributions to space exploration! Examine the Hubble Space ...See more
Market price: $28.50 save 30%