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10 Little Kittens (15)
Item No. : 479512
ISBN: 978-1-63290-068-5
Series: Sing-Along Songs
A counting song that introduces several animals and the sounds they make. Includes hardcover book, online music access, and music CD. ...See more
Market price: $33.99 save 25%
100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days (13)
Item No. : 26538
ISBN: 978-1-250-03369-7
Series: Singles and Picture Books
LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Hurry While Supplies Last - - Book Reviews: “A more clever collection of 100 ideas is hard to ...See more
Market price: $23.93 save 75%
5 Little Monkeys Jumping On Bed Big Book (06)
Item No. : PB00017
ISBN: 9.78E+12
Series: Big Book Editions
As soon as they say good night to Mama, the five little monkeys start to jump on their bed. But trouble lies ahead as, one by one, they fall off and hurt themselves. ...See more
A Band of Babies (17)
Item No. : 1341
ISBN: 978-0-06-168955-0
Series: Singles and Picture Books


Book Reviews: “Gerber employs lilting syntax ...See more

A Berry Bitty Ballet (13)
Item No. : 22684
ISBN: 978-0-448-46279-0
Series: Strawberry Shortcake (8x8)
LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Hurry While Supplies Last - - The ballet has come to Berry Bitty City! All the girls have parts, ...See more
Market price: $19.93 save 70%
A Berry Lucky St. Patrick's Day (15)
Item No. : 22598
ISBN: 978-0-448-48420-4
Series: Strawberry Shortcake (8x8)
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this special St. Patty's-themed 8x8 featuring Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends and a berry lucky four-leaf clover! ...See more
Market price: $19.93 save 25%
A Boy and a House (18)
Item No. : 1458
ISBN: 978-1-77321-055-1
Series: Singles and Picture Books: Wordless
Book Reviews: “Kastelic pays tribute to curiosity and mystery and friendship byncreating delicately detailed paintings that invite further study and tell a story that needs no words. A truly ...See more
A Cat Is Chasing Me Through This Book! (15)
Item No. : 65958
ISBN: 978-1-4795-5229-0
Series: Tom and Jerry
Young readers will gasp with delight at the amazing race in this Tom and Jerry interactive picture book. With each turn of the page, Tom gets closer to catching little Jerry. The mouse is fast, but ...See more
Market price: $21.99 save 25%
A Cat's Day (15)
Item No. : H01612
ISBN: 978-1-4846-0396-3
Series: Capstone Single Titles
In the first half of this playful flip book, readers follow Lucy the Cat on her wild day through town. To read about Lucy's owner's perspective of the same day, flip the book over and start reading ...See more
Market price: $25.32 save 25%
A Child's Book of Prayers (85)
Item No. : 26526
ISBN: 978-0-312-64576-2
Series: Singles and Picture Books
Limited Stock - Hurry While Supplies Last - Inventory Changes Daily-<

...See more

A Cookie for Santa (14)
Item No. : 71431
ISBN: 978-1-58536-883-9
Series: Singles and Picture Books
In this clever twist on the Night Before Christmas story, a gingerbread boy cookie is carefully crafted and placed on a plate. He was made special to serve as Santa's nighttime snack, a homemade ...See more
A Crow of His Own (19)
Item No. : 28517
ISBN: 978-1-58089-448-7
Series: Singles and Picture Books

SELECTION 2016 – Cooperative Children’s Book Center Choices
SELECTION 2016 – Bank Street College Best Children’s Book of the Year
HONOR 2016 – Ezra Jack Keats Book ...See more
Market price: $26.60 save 25%