Fiction Books Roar! (15)

Roar! (15)

Roar! (15)
Item No. 1136
ISBN-13 978-1-4814-0224-8
Format Hardcover
Subject Picture Books Dragons Friendship Differences Diversity Talents
# of Pages 32
Size 8 1/2" x 11"
Author Saur, Tammi
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Series Singles and Picture Books
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Date Published 2016
Reviews / Awards Noted YES
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Book Reviews: "But look what you can do, the dragons say: play hide-and-seek, turn cartwheels, and eat ice cream (the dragons dismally fail at all these). "Waaaaaaaaahhh!" wah the dragons, jeopardizing their dragon status with all the wahing when it dawns on them what they are missing. No one likes to see dragons cry, so the boy points out their commonalities: they can all make silly and scary faces; they can all do the funky monkey. What more, really, do friends need, other than to share time and do weird things? Friendship can be pretty simple, at least at the start, and Sauer—along with some glittering, inviting artwork from Starin—is an encouragement to jump in, despite the incongruities, maybe even because of them. Big hearted, heart gladdening, and—best—a light-hearted approach to finding friends. ~ Kirkus Reviews. A little boy and two dragons discover what really matters about friendship in this charming picture book from the author of Me Want Pet and Mostly Monsterly. With scissors and tape a boy transforms himself into…a dragon! “ROAR!” he says. He is BIG. He is SCARY. Well, not really. When two dragons come over for a play date, what on earth will these three find to do together? The boy doesn’t have big teeth and he can’t breathe fire. He is just a boy. And the dragons can’t eat ice cream or do cartwheels. They are just dragons. Luckily, the dragons care more about what they all can do together, like make silly faces and do the funky monkey dance. What they really care about is being friends. With simple, humorous text and classic, expressive line illustrations, Roar! is fun, short, and ready to be shared again and again.