Summer Reading 2019 A Universe of Stories: Teens

A Universe of Stories: Teens

A Universe of Stories: Teens
A Universe of Stories - Summer Reading 2019.


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Commercial Space Exploration (19)
Item No. : GH00369
ISBN: 978-1-5345-0359-5
Series: Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints
Space missions were part of the mythology of the twentieth century. Today, space exploration has changed dramatically, including the exciting possibility of commercial space exploration. In this ...See more
Market price: $42.00 save 20%
Confessions of the Children of Roswell: Preserving the Story of America's Most Infamous UFO Incident (18)
Item No. : RR11407
ISBN: 978-1-5081-7630-5
Series: Alien Encounters
This is not just another book about Roswell. Rather, it's about the aftermath, the lifetime impact Roswell has had on the families who were forced to live with the suppressed truth and the fear of ...See more
Market price: $39.75 save 25%
Conspiracies and Cover-Ups Spring 2015 Set of 4 Books
Item No. : RRSET0254
Series: Conspiracies and Cover-Ups Book Set
This set includes: Ancient Aliens: Close Encounters with Human History (15) , Making Contact: Alien Abduction Case Studies (15) , Project Disclosure: Revealing Government Secrets and Breaking the ...See more
Market price: $159.00 save 25%
Constellation Collection, The Fall 2015 Set of 6 Books
Item No. : RRSET0286
Series: Constellation Collection, The Book Set
Looking for constellations in the sky is a fun activity, and each constellation has a story behind it. Readers discover the stories behind the discovery and naming of some of the most popular ...See more
Market price: $141.60 save 25%
Cosmic Inflation Explained (19)
Item No. : EN0566
ISBN: 978-0-7660-9953-1
Series: Mysteries of Space, The
Cosmic inflation is the theory that the early universe went through fast, exponential expansion for a fraction of a second after the Big Bang and then slowed down to the current rate of expansion. ...See more
Market price: $37.26 save 28%
Cosmology: Understanding the Evolution of the Universe (15)
Item No. : RR08112
ISBN: 978-1-6227-5412-0
Series: Study of Science, The
Bridging astronomy and physics, cosmology seeks to examine the nature of the universe as a whole. Scientific investigation of cosmology began in ancient times and progressed rapidly after the ...See more
Market price: $36.25 save 15%
Could We Survive on Other Planets? (16)
Item No. : RR08958
ISBN: 978-1-4994-0865-2
Series: Galaxy Guides, The
What do humans need to survive? Are these things available on any other planet? Readers explore our solar system and help search for new planets we could inhabit in this high-interest, informative ...See more
Market price: $26.25 save 25%
Countdown to Destruction (18) #5
Item No. : A09068
ISBN: 978-1-6807-68312
Series: Meteor
Robert Miller must work together with North Korean scientists find a way to keep the larger comet fragment from hitting Earth. Janice has plans of her own up on the Ark, while Dustin and Karina ...See more
Market price: $28.56 save 30%
Critical Perspectives on the Viability of Human Life on Other Planets (17)
Item No. : EN0018
ISBN: 978-0-7660-7674-7
Series: Analyzing the Issues
Recent technological developments have opened up the possibility of colonizing other planets. Some experts argue that space colonization will be essential for the survival of the human species. In ...See more
Market price: $49.26 save 25%
Curiosity Rover: Searching for Life on Mars (18)
Item No. : A08844
ISBN: 978-1-532110092
Series: Xtreme Spacecraft
Simple text and "out-of-this-world" photography introduce readers to NASA's Curiosity rover, and its mission to search for signs of past life on Mars. Important details include a history of rovers on ...See more
Market price: $27.07 save 30%
Dark Energy Explained (19)
Item No. : EN0716
ISBN: 978-1-9785-0454-7
Series: Mysteries of Space, The: Set 2
Dark energy is a mysterious force causing the universe to expand in an accelerating manner. Although Edwin Hubble discovered observational proof of expansion in 1929, the first direct evidence for ...See more
Market price: $37.26 save 25%
Dark Matter Explained (19)
Item No. : EN0717
ISBN: 978-1-9785-0455-4
Series: Mysteries of Space, The: Set 2
Scientists believe that the universe is mostly made up of dark matter, a mysterious substance that is different from the ordinary matter people can touch, smell, see, and interact with. Dark matter ...See more
Market price: $37.26 save 25%