Warehouse SALE To Market! To Market! (13)

To Market! To Market! (13)

To Market! To Market! (13)
Item No. 17015
ISBN-13 978-81-92317-13-7
Format Book Farm Bound
Subject Fiction Culture People Places Markets Grocery India Diversity
# of Pages 24
Size 11" x 6 1/2"
Author Ravishankar, Anushka
Reading Interest PreK,K,1,2,3
Accelerated Reading Quiz# -
Series Singles and Picture Books
Publisher Perseus Distribution, Inc.
Date Published 2013
Guided Reading Level L
Reviews / Awards Noted YES
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LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Hurry While Supplies Last - - Reviews: "Ravishankar’s quirky, rhythmic verse becomes a graphic, narrative force in itself, physically wrapping itself around images, becoming characters, taking falls, and generally slithering and dithering or thumping and bumping along." — The Horn Book Magazine Praise for To Market! To Market: "A series of playful, rhyming verses that use repeated words to good effect. Scanziani, an Italian artist living in India, matches the words with dazzling colors and rhythmically repeated forms in paintings that create a vivid sense of the market, while echoing the girl's imaginative play through the addition of a few fantastic elements. . . Libraries seeking accessible international books for children will welcome this colorful choice." — Booklist A much-loved Tara classic children’s title is released in paperback for the first time. In India, a little girl goes to her local market, and her mother gives her a pocketful of change. But the girl has no idea what to buy – perhaps ‘something funny, nice or even strange’. But among the rich and colorful wonders of the market, from jolly bangle sellers to massive spice stands, flower shops to mask makers, she finds that the real fun’s not in the buying after all! She loves discovering wonderful, colorful stalls: "Jangle, Jangle, Jangle, I'm a bangle-holding stand," and "Silly, Silly, Silly, I'm a chili sort of sneeze." Told in Anushka Ravishankar’s inimitable nonsense verse and illustrated in Emanuele Scanziani’s vibrant paintings, this children's story is a bold and busy tribute to the vitality of everyday India. Award-winning Italian artist Emanuele Scanziani has created an exuberant Indian market with innovative typography that combines with the nonsense-verse to make a truly sumptuous, vibrant feast.