Nonfiction Books When a Tree Grows (19)

When a Tree Grows (19)

When a Tree Grows (19)
Item No. 1464
ISBN-13 978-1-4549-2120-2
Subject Fiction Picture Books Character Education Friendship Generosity
Format Hardcover
# of Pages 32
Size 8 1/2" x 10 3/4"
Author Mealey, Cathy Ballou
Reading Interest K,1,2,3
Series Singles and Picture Books
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Date Published 2019
Reviews / Awards Noted YES
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“A bonanza of possibilities opens up for Moose, Bear, and Squirrel, three forest companions. There are two outcomes, one unremarkable and the other outlandish, for each of many causes, starting with the first page of the story. ‘When a tree grows," it can become either a "scratching post for Moose's itchy antlers,’ or it can crash and fall, waking up Bear, who can do one of two things. And so it continues, as Moose encounters a truck, which leads Squirrel to set off for the city for a ‘job at Nifty Nuts as a quality control inspector.’ Or not, which could lead to either a career as an actor or to his missing Moose and home. Which leads to an awesome ‘Welcome Home party,’ which leads to—and the book concludes with—an even more awesome Edenic forest setting for reading, lounging, and just being one's animal self. The text and the colorful digital illustrations work together in this silly but entertaining tale. Each verso page is busily filled with action and onomatopoeia while the corresponding recto page highlights one of the characters. The bottom right of this page features an image of a turned-up flap and a large ‘OR…’ providing quick pacing for each far-fetched but why-not outcome. Laugh along as a story about a tree in the forest comes full circle, bringing three creatures along for a bumpy but fun ride.” —Kirkus.
This humorous picture book tells a sweet story of friendship, generosity, and how one fun thing leads to another.

When Moose sees the inviting tree where Squirrel has built his nest, he rubs his itchy antlers against the trunk—and sets in motion a chain of comic catastrophes. The tree falls and wakes Bear, who stumbles into Moose, who causes a truck driver to swerve off the road. But then Squirrel jumps onto that truck and ends up in the city, all alone. Who will help him get home? And how will Squirrel thank them? Kids will love this adorable picture book, with its irresistible animal characters and rhythmic text that’s made for reading out loud.