7.) Timeless Resources

7.) Timeless Resources

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Coloring Pages:







Educational Sites:


- Kids Can Learn about the Government with Ben's Guide to Government - Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government,  is designed to inform students, parents, and educators about the Federal Government. It is our hope that Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government fulfills that role with games and other learning adventures. (Click the Image of Ben Below)

- Kids will Enjoy Playing Interland! Interland is an online adventure that puts the key lessons of digital safety into hands-on practice with four challenging games (Click on the Robot Guy to be directed to Interland)


- Common Sense Education: Learn the fundamentals of digital citizenship through our award-winning, animated, choose-your-own-path interactive experiences, designed for grades 6-8. Invite students to explore digital dilemmas, make good (and not-so-good) decisions, and try out possible solutions through stories and mini-games – all without risking their real-world reputations. Discover how Common Sense Education’s award-winning digital literacy and citizenship curriculum seamlessly integrates into blended-learning environments.Click the image to be taken to Digital Compass


























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